“there is a need to think outside the party political box”

While Mick has been attempting to, correctly, indicate the desirability of a clear distinction between politicians and the press, the Belfast Telegraph reports that one of their journalists journalist has decided to cross that boundary – Brian Rowan is to stand as an independent candidate in North Down.. [but will he be wearing a white suit? – Ed] Adds Press Asociation report has some extra detail Update Gonzo points out in the comments that Brian Rowan is a freelancer, not a staff journalist at the Belfast Telegraph. Happy to clarify that point.From the Belfast Telegraph report

Mr Rowan said his decision follows a period of consultation with a wide range of people in the local community and elsewhere.

“As a journalist I have covered all the major developments of the peace process.

“I have seen the worst of this place, but I believe there now exists an opportunity to consolidate our peace.

“The process is at a stage now where it needs as many people as possible inside it acknowledging that it can work, it will work and must work.

“I think we are on the verge of something much better.

“In terms of my experience, people will know what I have reported across 20 years. They will know, I hope, that I’ve managed to get the trust of all sides.”

He added: “I think there is a need to think outside the party political box and I think there is a need for new voices in that process that are prepared to say and talk about the very great progress that has been made.”