Orde wants list of ‘refusers’ names…

Hugh Orde has “requested a full list of the officers who the Ombudsman believes did not co-operate with the investigation into collusion between Special Branch officers and loyalist killers in north Belfast”.

  • heck

    i can imagine hugh orde is “shocked, just shocked” that officers refused to cooperate and that documents were distroyed.

  • seabhac siúlach

    So, instead of political policing, do we now have PR policing?

  • P O’Neil

    What’s he going to do with this list? Give them commedations or recommend them for OBEs or MBEs?

  • joeCanuck

    This isn’t the first time that a wall of silence has been encountered here.

  • Plum Duff

    Were all these names not already on the full O’Loan Report which, I would have assumed, he has been given a copy?

  • It is the British way, keep your friends close, but you enemies closer.

    Historically, when a civil servant, law enforcement offical, military officials, police officers get caught up in scandel/collusion, first the enquiry takes years, the person is promoted and normally retires before any judgement is made against them.

    Case in point Brigadier Gordon Kerr, wanted to give evidence in the Stevens enquiry, promoted and transfered to Bejing, then onto Iraq.

    These Police officers who refused to help are nothing more than OTR, on the run’s, even if only metaphorically.

    To give these officers a pass, the Republican OTR’s will be allowed home.

  • Plum Duff

    From 5. above…or is it Orde’s way of getting the info into the public domain?

    Or does he know that the Govt will, under no circumstances, allow the public to know the extent of the collusion but, ‘Hey folks, I’m the good guy here. I’m doing my best for you but my hands are tied’.

    Choose any one of twenty.

  • P O’Neil

    Plum Duff

    I don’t think so, Orde’s just an Establishment lacky / bootlicker. I’m surprised no-one pointed out that the O’Loan report examined a timeframe up to 2003, Orde was appointed in May 2002 and therefore must have had knowledge of the activities of RUC SB. As Ingram and others have pointed out all Orde has to do is open the closed doors of the SB to public scrutiny, which he hasn’t done.

    As for the Brit Police Forces in general, you cannot grease your way up the ranks without being a Freemason. If he is a high ranking Freemason, one of the oaths (depending on whether its the York rite or Scottish rite – 10th or 20th degrees respectively) is to protect brother masons from crimes such as murder.

  • Plum Duff

    Stone me, I’d forgotten about the Masons!

  • #

    Stone me, I’d forgotten about the Masons!
    Plum Duff

    Not something to say in front of Muslims.

  • moochin photoman

    Talking of stoning, does anyone know why one of the water canon trucks was blazing across town today about 11 am with a police car trail blazing all lights and sirens?

  • willis


  • moochin photoman

    it came flyin down the Woodstock Link unto the Albertbridge Rd and then turned right down Short Strand, after that i dunno, i couldn’t keep up!!!

  • Aisling?

    The recent SF Ard Fhéis decision created a stick to beat themselves with. This is an extract from UTV:

    PSNI to seek SF help over Omagh

    A leading detective is to seek Sinn Fein’s co-operation with the Omagh bomb atrocity investigation, it has been revealed.

    Chief Superintendent Norman Baxter will urge senior party representatives to back the hunt for all those involved in the dissident republican terrorist attack that killed 29 people.

    Even though Sinn Fein has been accused of refusing to aid the investigation into the August 1998 outrage, detectives believe the party`s decision finally to support policing in Northern Ireland could prove a major turning point.
    Mr Baxter wants them to declare publicly that anyone with information on the Real IRA strike should speak to the inquiry team.

    So far only one man has been charged with the murders. South Armagh electrician Sean Hoey, 37, is awaiting a judge`s verdict after standing trial in Belfast.

    Detectives have identified areas on either side of the Irish border where the car used in the bombing was stolen and then stored before it was taken to Omagh, packed with 500lb of explosives.

    A Police Service of Northern Ireland spokesman confirmed the move may be imminent.

    He said: “In light of the new attitude towards policing in a substantial part of the republican community, the senior investigating officer in the Omagh bomb investigation is examining the possibility of requesting the assistance of public representatives in south Armagh and Dundalk areas to encourage people to come forward with information.”

    It is understood Sinn Fein`s Conor Murphy will be among those contacted by Mr Baxter.

    The Newry and Armagh MP said tonight he was unaware of the development.

    Another news report says that the Historical Enquiries Team is about to re-open investigations into the Bessbrook/Kingsmill killings in the mid-1970’s.
    The DUP can now make a major challenge to SF – demand full co-operation with the probe into the Omagh attack (carried out by dissidents) and the HET investigation. If SF say that people should help these investigations, SF will be damned by many of their members and supporters as being informers; if SF refuses to encourage people to assist these investigations, the DUP can say that SF was only bluffing in supporting the police, and as such, power-sharing is impossible.

    If SF publicly urges help in these cases, they will lose votes from the Republican base; if SF refuses to publicly help, they will certainly not attract that element of the SDLP vote they need to win over in order to gain new seats

    RESULT: DUP win/win scenario
    SF lose/lose scenario

  • Demand, Demand, Demand.
    Is this the only word the DUP use?

    Major challenge to SF.

    About time the DUP offered an Olive branch, rather than the constant bannana skins.

    RESULT: DUP win/win scenario
    SF lose/lose scenario

    Why always about getting one over on the other side?

    Lets get Stormont up and running and try and create a better future for all concerned on the whole Ireland of Ireland.