Monkey jumps on Tories’ back…

Recess Monkey is less than impressed with the NI Tory’s internet survey, noted on Slugger last night… Monkey says… “a push poll is like an opinion poll but instead of using scientific methods to identify people’s opinions, you use unethical methods masquerading as unbiased scientific methods to “push” people towards your way of thinking“.

  • Michael Shilliday

    There is also an untruth or two in the poll.

  • “Tories tell lies shock” – never going to be a news headline – but tell us the details anyway Michael

  • Michael Shilliday

    Its a bit of a stretch of the imigination to say that Lidington led the opposition to OTR’s. He spoke on it yes, but led? I think not.

  • Bob wilson

    Recess Monkey – Labour man attacks Tories shocker!

    Michael wake up – Labour would have pushed it through Parliament if Lidington hadnt rallied the opposition against it.

    Suppose it was all Sylvia’s doing?

  • Michael Shilliday

    Even after SF decided they didn’t want the legislation? They killed the legislation for their own concession, what David Lidington said or did not said had nothing to do with it.

  • Bob wilson

    Wrong again Micheal.
    If Labour thought they could get away with it they would re-introduce it tomorrow – but they know Parliament wouldnt not stomach i.e Tories would vote down with help of rebels, Liberals and minority parties and (hopefully) Lady Sylvia.

  • Michael Shilliday

    I spell my name in English actually.

    They might well do, but not the same legislation that the Tories had nothing to do with the demise of.

  • Opto

    Call me thick, but doesn’t every political party want to try and maximise its vote by appealing to those who would sympathise with them? Is that not what the Tories are doing here along the lines of “Agree with this and you are a Tory” sort of thing? Why is anyone so surprised?n Its called campaigning and there is an election on, isn’t there??? As I say, call me thick…..

  • Opto

    “I spell my name in English actually”

    Oh, hark at her!

  • I thought it was specifically the policy of the government to be radical in NI in order to force the parties in NI to realise that they should be taking these decisions and put pressure on them to get back around the table.

    The radical policies don’t stand alone but are a part of the peace process

  • Confused

    Perhaps Recess Monkey would like to comment on whether he feels Labour are right to discriminate against people on the grounds of residence i.e. Labour members in NI are treated different and prevented from being full members ie running candidates, etc.?

    Also where to Tories say their poll is ‘unbiased and scientific’

  • David

    So, the Conservative Party promotes itself on its own website. What Mandlesonesque strategic genius thought of such a cunning plan? We must all be glad that we have Recess Monkey to point it out to us.

  • Newtory

    Seems the UUP are not too happy about a media savvy party coming into the fray, especially one that might appeal to a large sections of its voters.

    The comparison of the professionalism of the Tories and the UUP is not a happy one for the UUP.

    By the way anyone can answer the questions in the way they want, people, even in NI, are not quite so stupid as recessmonkey seems to portrays.

  • Harland

    “The comparison of the professionalism of the Tories and the UUP is not a happy one for the UUP.”

    In what ways exactly? Because their leader has a weblog to allow people to watch him washing the dishes……yes, I’m sure that has Reg up at night wondering!

    The UUP have the best political website in NI and the most frequently updated as well as interactive sections. I would say the DUP would compare much less happily to the UUP in this sense than the UUP would to the Tories.

  • Wise up

    Everyone knows the DUP have the best party website in NI. SDLPs is crap. UUP is passable. Tory one is quite good.

  • Opto


    There was a challenge if ever one was issued — prompted to have a look at both the DUP and UUP sites, something I have not done for ages.

    Sorry, Harland, I think the DUP one wins easily

  • I think we should either formalise a relationship with the SDLP or run candidates – one or the other

  • As the Webmaster and Comms person for the Conservatives in Northern Ireland I’d like to thank you all for the kind comments re. our new Weblog. We do our best with limited budget. Plus we’re all volunteers – we have no paid staff locally.

    I have now received around 50 responses to the survey from Slugger readers – still happy to receive more from those of you who haven’t yet completed it. There’s a permanent link to it now on our Blogroll.