Belfast Telegraph Television

Following the Irish News’ channel, the Belfast Telegraph has also launched an online video news channel. It looks to be a move for both newspapers to embrace their presence on the internet and make use of its advertisement opportunities. It’s also good competition for UTV and BBC NI’s local online news websites.

  • StarHound

    The development may be welcome but there is actually very little content.

    The set, albeit virtual blue screen, seems a bit over the top too.

    Why has the viewer feedback feature been removed?

  • Mick Fealty

    It’s certainly classier than the INTV set up, but from a blogger’s point of view, it is a lot less user friendly. In the Web 2.0 jargon, it doesn’t have the same kind of granular addressability: ie, you cannot isolate the items and use them separately.

    Next step is for INTV to let us embed the items in the blog itself… it works for You Tube…

  • Exactly the question I pondered last night … it’s like a desparate grab for a slice of the market that might not even exist.

    Are we really so YouTubed, that we want to watch more and more locally generated content in a 3 inch by 2 inch window on our screens?

    And if they’re trying to start up a 2-way conversation with their readers, why disable intv’s viewer/reader feedback … they’re ahead of the BBC’s ultra local programming plans, but maybe not by enough.

  • Greetings to the math phobic of Ulster:

    Interesting concepts at play here.

    My first introduction to this area was the contemplation of the question of which is greater, if at all, infinity or the sum of two infinities, three infinities and so on.

    In this case we contemplate the sum of two mediocres.

  • Shore Road Resident

    The Tele’s front page lead today is about how this website will make a new media star of its presenter.
    Somebody at the sinking Bellylaugh needs to realise that they have to spend some money on actual journalism before people will turn to them for news in any format.

  • Does anyone think the presenter has a funny way of saying “Telegraph”?
    I’ve watched a few of these bulletins and have noticed it every time.

  • ben

    looks like a macmillan media production. They are up the dublin road and do GMTV as well.

  • Boring Smellygraph strikes again with a much trumpeted plug for its own self-importance. Most research shows that the vast majority of young people (i.e. largest consumers of net content/producers of same) don’t read newspapers/watch TV news. How then will the Boring Smellygraph hope to attract them with a barely disguised plug for the print version wrapped with BT’s logo. As for social networking and web 2.0 (the laughable and at times inaccurate pr puff in the print Smellygraph is worth reading for a laugh) the concept of interactivity has completely slipped off their radar if it was even there in the first place!

    Laughable really (not that that won’t stop me trying to place PR stories on it :-> )

  • Shore Road Resident

    They were panicked into launching the disastrous morning edition by the Daily View, now they’ve been panicked into this by an experiment at the Irish News. Deep down (or as deep down as they go) they know that their product is sh*te.

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