Political titbit

For those of you not signed up to the Politics Show email here is how Jim Fitzpatrick signed off this week:

“Political Titbit: The SDLP policy on equal opportunity states: “We are opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. All members, employees and job applicants will be treated fairly. Selection for employment, promotion, training or any other benefit will be based solely on aptitude and ability.” Just don’t tell Alan McQuillan or Chris Albiston.

  • Intelligence Insider

    Yes Fair Deal, I guess we should now ask them when they will be supporting an end to the discriminatory 50/50 policy in PSNI recruitment.

  • This has been the biggest own goal for the SDLP in ages. Trying to appear politically hard, they’ve ended up looking very, very stupid.

    And rightly so. Obviously they weren’t paying attention to the case over the Victims Commissioner…

  • Comrade Stalin


    Agreed, this is an extraordinarily stupid comment on Durkan’s part.

    It is a common criticism of the old Unionist regime that they were an old boy network who pulled strings and scratching backs to get the right men into positions of power. And here’s the Stoops bragging about doing just that.

  • Opto


    Correct. Ironic isn’t it? I’m sure irony is lost on Durkan anyway.

  • An Bearnach

    Jim Fitzpatrick, like most media, is missing a trick here. Tony Blair and John Reid tried to prevent a fully open competition for the post of Chief Constable by lobbying forcefully for an internal candidate. The SDLP held out for an open appointment based on merit. That’s it, that’s all.

  • IJP

    Then they probably shouldn’t have placed an advert saying they had secured the appointment of a non-RUC man.

    Besides, that wasn’t the point of the irony. The point is that the SDLP openly supports a discriminatory recruitment policy into the PSNI.

    If there is an argument that such a policy is necessary, make the argument. But don’t then claim you support appointment on merit. The SDLP doesn’t.

    Rank hypocrisy.