No anthem here

Andrew McCann isn’t pleased at the suggestion that the UK national anthem should not be played at Croke Park.

  • What suggestion that the UK national anthem shouldn’t be played at Croke Park?

  • Dec

    Andrew McCann isn’t pleased at…

    This is news?

  • Having just re-read McCann’s article, I am stumped to see what he’s complaining about. No-one is suggesting that we insult our English visitors by refusing to play their chosen anthem at the match, so what’s the problem?

    He writes:
    So why then are we subjected to this non-discussion about the playing of God Save the Queen in Croke Park at the forthcoming Six Nations rugby match?

    Because it isn’t an issue?

    I think that McCann was expecting there to be a furore over this, at which point he could write another insult-laden piece about the Republic, but since it hasn’t come to pass as he had hoped he’s feeling a little let down.

    So he has to line up Paddy O’Strawman and have a pop at him.

  • marty (not ingram)

    I read opening, sorry, only, line of this blog incorrectly at first – I thought that GTSQ had been banned. Now I see it’s just some right-wing loony who’s upset that some people may (also incorrectly) may be lobbying to prevent it being played.

    So, as Dec said – this is news?

    My postman, Jimmy (if you’re reading – hi Jimmy!), isn’t best pleased that he can’t find Dime Bars in his local sweet shop. Can someone blog this please?

  • topdeckomnibus


    The National Anthem is akin to responding to a Maori haka with a hankie waving morris dance.

    Liliburlero would be little better but at least there would be a valid reason to object (was it Colonel Wharton of the Suffolk Regt who wrote it to mock the Irish ?)

    I go with Billy Connnolly .. we should put a stirring lyric to the Archers theme tune.

  • Overhere

    I wish you had warned me where this piece of rubbish came from then I would not have hit on the link and gone into this excuse of a blog site

  • aaron

    could we stop given hate-filled mccann oxygen please?

  • Overhere

    I agree Aaron, can we have him and his excuse of a site banished to Mars (the planet not the chocolate bar):-0

  • bpower

    “subjected to this non-discussion”.

    I think I’ll just go out and have a non-meal with my non-wife. Oh wait, I can’t, I’ve just eaten, I’m single and I’m not psychotic.

  • American Irish

    first time blogger.
    Is this guy for real…whatever about his confusion over the anthem, if you read down through his piece he gets onto the original Bloody Sunday…..

    “Britain’s irregular forces killed 14 people at Croke Park back in 1920. So flaming what?”

    Is he taken seriously ?

  • Tyrone

    News just in: Nutcase starts row in empty house.

  • marty (not ingram)

    This Slugger thread is nothing but a piss-poor attempt at trolling IMO.

    Surely to become a blogger on Slugger you must be able to demonstrate at least some basic journalistic capability? Simply providing a link to a non-story isn’t really the quality we’ve come to expect from this site.

  • bpower

    American Irish

    I think they have a good few readers who consider them free thinkers who rail against “political correctness”. They both do some bits on the MSM (booo!!) so not everyone considers them nuts. When DV is on the telly he doesn’t come across as ,eh, strident as does on the site.

    They seem to hold some American authors and pundits in high regard and maybe there’s a certain amount of aping happening. Who knows, who cares? They’re that wrong they don’t know what right looks like. Good luck to them.

    Maybe DV will make an appearance on this very thread.

  • bpower

    marty (not ingram)

    Jesus, you’d swear you were payin for it. Chill.

  • marty (not ingram)

    bpower – i am chilled. are you shilliday in disguise? :O)

  • bpower

    Shit, I’m busted!! woop, woop!!

  • kokane

    God Save the Queen is strongly associated with Britians Imperial past. This imperial past maintained in part by might which often meant murder(e.g Croke Park 1920), totrure and economic exploitation whether Ireland or india or elsewhere.

    Pretending the natives loved this sort of stuff is precisely the sort of denial of fact that led Britain into its current mess in Iraq. People dont like being invaded particulalrly when the invader is there to steal their stuff whether gold in South Africa or Oil in Iraq or in the case of Ireland because it was convenient.

    Croke park represents to many a resitance to this perfidious imperialism and as a good manners the RFU should opt not to insult the memory of those murdered in the stadium by singing their imperialist anthem.
    No Irish anthem should be sung either, in deference to Andrew Trimble and co, at this game or at any future Irish internationals.

  • DonegalProd

    Should slugger himself be taken to task for a blogline that makes people believe something IS happening thats NOT happening? was that HIS plan?

    come on the Irish!

  • Matt

    The british murderers of bloody sunday 1920 were not criticised never mind brought to justice….so meally mouthed british ‘shared hurt’ and shared painful history’ just doesn’t washed.No Justice,no closure.
    It was official Govt policy termed ‘reprisal’,’shooting’,’killing’,blah, blah blah…bottom line it was Murder and they haven’t even the bad manners to at least apologise b4 they yak about the past stayin in the past.
    But we will afford our neighbours the courtesy of playing in our stadium that represents our resistance to their unapologetic imperialism,in a stadium that their official representatives murdered innocent men/women/children.We will be respectful of their anthem and will be friendly to their travelling fans.Why, because we have moved on and we dont hold them responsible for their Govt’s past,yet we will not be lectured by them because they refuse to hold their Govt responsible.They still haven’t dealt with their history or faced up to the evil done in their name both past and present ie Iraq…we should not let that distract us!They are easily shamed when you mention any of their current or past sins.
    The shame lives on…in fact I feel sorry for the poor buggers!
    We even have to help em out to win the cricket these days…SO lets do all our real talking and show our true feelings on the pitch…bring it on!

  • Billy


    No-one has made such a suggestion!

    It’s just another figment of hate-filled McCann’s imagination. As we are all aware he has a bitter hatred of anything and anyone Irish.

    Why did you start this thread? Who cares about the ramblings of a pathetic troll complaining about something that hasn’t happened?

    I have attended many Ireland/England Rugby internationals and both anthems have always been respected and the fans have been extremely well behaved.

  • Huw

    It would be great if the English had a tune everyone else could like and hum along with.. All the fantastic music the English have come up over the years.. they could easily choose a something a bit more popular

    I agree with the previous contributor –
    Billy Connolly’s suggestion of the Archers’ music would be the perfect anthem for England.

    Or maybe “Telstar” that’s a great tune, rousing and anthemic and futuristic… without any mention of royals.

  • SuperSoupy

    RSF (both of them) protested outside the Sinn Féin Ard Fheis on policing too.

    What a non-story.

    The IRFU have paid their money, they can play whatever they like, even with their odd shaped balls.

    What an awful hatefilled link. I assume he won’t be one of the England supporters travelling and being welcomed with open arms?

    Is he even a rugby fan or just a shit-stirring begrudger?

  • Droch_Bhuachaill

    As a compromise for those (imaginary or not) who would feel uncomfortable with the british national anthem, hows about we play the Sex Pistols version of God Save The Queen? 🙂

  • Glensman

    As an Irish Republican and a MASSIVE GAA fan I’m really not comfortable with GSTQ at Croke Park… But you get over it, at the end of the day it’s just a song and as SouperSoupy says RSF aren’t exactly a force to be reckoned with.

  • Dino

    Look!! Lets be frank here. The main reason for national anthems in sport is that they make good T.V. Even before Champions League games we get a rendition of the UEFA “anthem” whilst the cameras home in on the gladiators’ faces – all to whet the appetite and to add a little drama.

    The same goes for the medal ceremonies at the Olympics etc. You can virtually hear the producer begging the winners to screw up their faces and cry whilst facing their national flag.

    The whole thing is a made for TV nonsense. Why can’t the players sing in the dressing room if they want to wind themselves up.

    Billy Connolly is right – most anthems are dreadful dirges and need jazzed up. It’s all gone too far. Who was it said “patriotism is the last refuge of the wicked”…….

  • topdeckomnibus


    I am from England and I agree with what you said … we do have a duty to demand to know what has been done in our name. Incidentally my late mother was from an Irish family who moved to Yorkshire to take work in the mines. Things did not go well for them in the 20s and the young girls of the family were taken into Barnardos. My mother, in Barnardos as a child, suffered unspeakable abuse. She was very lucky that Suffolk was having its tythe war .. Northumbrian bailliffs brought in to distrain goods from farmers unable to pay the tythe charges.

    A farming family fostered two Barnardos girls essentially to get money for their care. The foster father was a veteran of the Gallipoli campaign and the Western Front who came home to learn what homes fit for heros really amounted to.

    But having fostered they did not just act as lodgings keepers. For each girl a godmother from the village was appointed. So they had a foster father, a foster mother and a another woman they could go to.

    The foster grandfather was a man of few words. He told us as kids about how “King Jarge” visited the Suffolk Regt in France. As the king rode by his horse defecated and one Suffolk shouted out “That abowt sum it up Jarge”. The officers went ballistic trying to find out who had shouted at the king and suggested all he was good for was sh-tting on the people.

    I also remember him saying of his Suffolk Punch horses that all lide’s lessons could be learnt from handling them “Get more with a koind wud thin iver yew git with a stick bor”

    When he died he was a wealthier man and left money to the children of all his foster daughters.

    If he were alive today and at the rugby match .. he would not be singing the anthem (he would be thinking about the anthem for doomed youth ?)

    He was English.

    I have made great efforts, over many years, to get to the truth of police no go area protecting the activity of the late Airey Neave.

    But I agree your point. Let right be done.

    She was very l