Paucity of women candidates amongst Unionist parties…

Suzanne Breen’s been adding up the figures on the gender cuts in the four main parties. Tthe SDLP is ahead of Sinn Fein on the selection of women candidates. The two Unionist party’s trail badly, with four (though three are actually sitting MLAs). The UUs come bottom of the league, where, in North Down, one older woman candidate (early blogger, Marion Smith) replaces the previous, younger one (Diane Peacock):

…the gender deficit remains, particularly in unionist politics. The UUP has one woman, Marion Smith, out of 37 Assembly candidates so far selected. Only four of 42 DUP candidates picked at this stage are women. Sinn Féin is running 11 women out of 37 candidates and the SDLP 13 out of 36.

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