Croke Park and the transformation of relations…

Kevin Connolly with some thoughts of the longer term context of Sinn Fein’s tentative decision to support the PSNI… He contrasts the Croke Park of 21 November 1920 to the one later this month when England play Ireland in the 6 Nations Championship…

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  • “The Ireland of those days was inured to brutality on all sides but there was something about these killings that shocked the Dublin public. ” …of the British agents…you’ve got to be kididing me.

    I grew up in Dublin in the 70’s and 80’s and was interested in history and the media. Never, ever did I read that there was any remose felt by Dublin people of the justified killing of these spys / agents.

    I’d suggets that Kevin Connelly should check his sources and realize that the Irish Thames and Sindo as unionist aper now and were more obviously so back then.

    Complete and total revisionism by the Beeb. There’s not even a meaningful representation of the facts or evenhandedness in their presentation. Rubbish.