DUP accuses Sinn Fein of salami slicing policing…

Nigel Dodds and Jim Allister seem to be leading (a noticably limited) counter attack on Sinn Fein’s Ard Fheis motion, when he said, in relation to the Robert McCartney killing: “Let them hand them over and give police the information gleaned from their ‘inquiry’. Otherwise, they are withholding information.”
The Newsletter goes on to report, the DUP’s view that Sinn Fein is trying to Salami slice its committment to policing:

Earlier, MP Nigel Dodds said his first worry was the “heavy conditionality” in the Ard Fheis motion on policing – which promised cooperation with the PSNI on the ground once there is power-sharing.
Republicans, he said, appeared to be “drawing a distinction between what they describe as so-called civic policing and so-called political policing.”

In other words, they were telling their communities to report crimes like rape and attacks on the elderly – but were stopping short of simply saying “report all types of crime, no matter what”.