Bloggers powering up for the southern election…

Damien notes that the guys behind blogorrah are looking at setting up the Irish version of the Huffington Post in time for the election. There is certainly space in the blog market, for now at least…

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  • Henry94

    Is there anything in the south that matches the standard of Slugger?

  • Mick Fealty

    Not for me to say, I guess. But generally speaking I’d say not yet. We do try to give our readers intelligent coverage of what’s going on there, and I’d like to beef that capacity up some, in the run in to the Republic’s elections.

  • Greenflag


    ‘Is there anything in the south that matches the standard of Slugger? ‘

    Slugger like it or not is a reflection of the eternal ‘angst’ political and economic and constitutional’ that pervades Northern Ireland on all sides.

    As such pervasive political and identity ‘angst’ does not exist in the fat and happy Republic there is no need for a Slugger look alike 🙂

    Slugger has ‘evolved’ in response to the stimuli of the NI particular environment . As such it does a great job of keeping and maintaining contributions from all sides of the constitutional divide within NI. Those of us who are ‘outsiders’ from the Republic and elsewhere occassionally get a glimpse of the harsh and not so harsh realities behind the NI headlines through Slugger 🙂 Long may the good ship SOT sail 🙂

    Preferable to the Indo /Times/Thunderer or RTE /BBC anyway 🙂