Orde: Nationalist parties used report as a political football…

John O’Dowd of Sinn Fein on Good Morning Ulster this morning dismissed Hugh Orde’s accusation that Sinn Fein and the SDLP treated Nuala O’Loan’s report as a political football, rather than as a serious document within it’s own terms.

Update: David Gordon has fuller detail in the morning edition of the Belfast Telegraph.


  • Damien Okado-Gough

    Hugh Orde said that he holds his “retired colleagues ” in the highest esteem and that his staff “can hold their heads up high”.

    Does he also include those criticised in the Ombudsman’s report in his comments? If he does, then he isn’t fit to lead the PSNI.

  • middle-class taig

    A despicably partonising dismissal of justifiable nationalist outrage. Orde, to my mind, is not the man to lead the PSNI to a new era of non-partisan policing. His comments left me feeling that it would be better if I and my leaders were to shut up go back to being nice little croppies. It is hard to accept that, only a few days after the release of the Ombudsman’s report, the CC’s focus isn’t on police-sponsored death squads, but on nationalist criticism of those death squads.

    With allegations of obstruction hanging over serving officers, a man with any honour in Orde’s position would not be criticising nationalist responses to the Report. He would be penning his resignation letter.

  • Nevin

    I understand Orde is to meet some folks today from the US House of Representatives today. Here is what they had to say yesterday about the (selective) O’Loan report and the Finucane inquiry:


  • Nevin
  • seabhac siúlach

    Ah, it’s good to see that we have put political policing behind us then…it being completely normal, of course, in this new era of civic policing (Provo Sinn Fein definition) for the head of the police to criticise elected representatives…completely normal…
    Serving members of the PSNI were involved (allegedly) in collusion and Mr Orde believes that it is not the elected parties right to comment on this, to vent the angry feeling of their electorate, to, if they wish, make ‘insulting comments about the organisation, its staff and retired colleagues, who he holds in the highest esteem’. Would these colleagues he holds in the highest esteem be those who were part of special branch, perhaps?
    It is a bit rich for him to say it is “unacceptable that some individuals have used policing for political purposes” when he himself never stops doing the same…as in this ‘leaked memo’. He would be better advised to stick to the ‘civic’ policing and leave politics to those who were elected to it and not appointed as in his case…

  • kensei

    “about the (selective) O’Loan report”

    No matter how selective you get, there is no excuse for state sponsored murder, Nevin.

  • heck

    I am waiting for Pat and chris to come on line and defend these wonderful police officers now that SF also “hold his retired colleagues in the highest esteem “

  • bona fide

    seabac sblich – oh dear oh dear, what have SF signed up to ?????

    SF now recognising the RUC, Ironic that the IRA have turned out to ultimately be the british enforcers of the occupation and partition of ireland.

    30 pieces of silver, i doubt any of us will be alive when the truth comes out many decades from now, about how much SF was owned by Brit Intel.

    La perfide Albion never rang so true, nationalists have been sold another pup. Sinn Fein is nothing but a quisling party who sold true republicans down the river.

  • Oranges for Sale

    bona fide

    That’s right lads, fight amongst yourselves! Its nice to see Sinn Fein finally endorsing the legitimacy of British rule in the six counties.

  • overhere

    Looks like “mini me” is getting his say in


    I suppose this is easier for his party to spout about instead of actually dealing with the report

  • overhere

    The chief constable, who is in the US at the moment, sent the message to almost 10,000 police officers (confidential memo, looks like even the cleaners were included).

    Strange how they mentioned Sir Hugh is in the States, yet they have still to mention anything about the vote passed earlier in the House of Representatives


    Strange how the media works

  • Nevin

    Kensei, I wonder if the British and Irish governments view it that way. They’ve had their informers/agents in numerous paramilitary organisations for many years.

    Perhaps they take a more dispassionate approach. Maybe they’re prepared to sacrifice some folks in order to protect others. It would probably be easier to ennumerate the number of lives lost than the number saved.

    I also suspect that the ongoing appeasement of paramilitaries by the two governments is done so that most of the paramilitary criminality is confined to NI.

    Ordinary decent folks are mere pawns in this PPP, public paramilitary partnership.

  • Nevin

    Overhere, I watched the US HoR debate live at 6pm last night. I was told about it by a young US friend who is interested in US-NI politics. I don’t suppose it made the Washington press either.

  • lib2016

    To have any credibility the next chief constable must not have any links to an RUC/PSNI past nor be from any of the British forces.

    Failing an acceptable candidate from the Gardai there are plenty of countries with a ‘Common Law’ system and a similar style of policing but less discredited than the Brits.

    Orde seems to be losing his one asset – an acceptable PR presence. Pity his performance in office never matched up.

  • Nevin

    Orde put his signature on this ball so he can hardly complain when folks kick it …

  • confused

    I hope the two former ACCs take action against police board and Sdlp and obtain damages. A round sum of half a million would be nice.
    It would teach the SDLP to be more judicious.

  • June 76

    The SDLP have really fumbled the ball on this one. When the story should be, “British Prime Minister seeks to ensure “Ulster Prod”* gets Chief Constable post”, its the SDLP that is getting a drubbing in the media. (*Ulster Prod quote courtesy of Ian Paisley junior on Talkback)

    On the wider front maybe Gerry had a point when he talked about putting manners on the police. Hugh Orde has exactly shown a great deal of respect for elected politicians in this case. Hugh is a public servant and needs to bear that in mind, even if he is backed by an armed force of 11,000. Imagine the reaction if the Chief Executive of the Housing Executive put out a public statement that he had wanted to talk to the Progressive Unionist Party about housing in East Belfast but was unable to because “..perhaps they were all ‘on the run’!” Or Nigel Hamilton had wanted to talk to Ian Paisley about Civil Service reform but couldn’t because “..maybe he’s back in prison”

    Such language would not be tolerated from any other public servant. Why should the head of the police be any different?

  • Ian

    From UTV:

    “DUP Board member Willie Hay said there needed to be a close look at procedures linked to Sir Hugh`s appointment.

    “It does call into question the members of the SDLP who sit on the Board, they need to look at their position because we all have a duty on the Board to act impartially in all aspects of policing, especially senior appointments.”

    That’s funny because I don’t remember the Unionist members of the Policing Board acting impartially when they didn’t get their way and Hugh Orde was appointed: