No odds for a restoration, yet…

Interesting to note that after a few days of offering a market on restoration of the Assembly, Eastwoods have pulled it due to ‘fluctuations in the market’. They assure us they will be offering odds again in the next few days… Nothing from Paddy Power either…

  • Yokel

    Interesting…….but having said that they have lots of time to put a market up.

  • Henry94

    It’s all down to the DUP now. Bertie Ahern said that their position is not clear but he was taking Blair’s word that they would share power.

  • Yokel

    Ah bless, cheerleading Bertie, what exactly was he doing at St Andrews?

    I hear he makes a mean cup of tea………

    If the DUP are looking at a stall come reconvening it would be a stall. But why?

    There appears to be even less of an apparent electoral threat to them than SF so that seems less likely. The original Bertie, Albert Reynolds believes that the hardliners on the DUP top table aren’t planning to leave the party. If they get a mandate (watever that is) from the electorate to go ahead with THEIR interpretation of the ST AA they will simply keep the leader up to the mark. Albert should know because he’s talked to some of them.

    The immediate ground doesnt really suggest a DUP split, or big problems with the electorate. So we do have maybe look wider. I’d suggest to Tony Blairs successor…they have spoken to Gordon’s people you know.

  • Yokel

    Bear in mind that assumes they are planning a stall which of course they may not be.

  • Greenflag

    Irish Nationalists and Republicans in Northern Ireland are wasting their time ‘waiting’ on the DUP. They should withdraw from this farce of an Assembly and the even more farcical March election which will at most show a couple of seat changes between the major parties.It’s just another pointless rubber stamping in a long list of failed attempts to justify HMG’s presence in Northern Ireland .

    Even if this Assembly ever gets off the ground it will have as many interpretations as the Bible . For SF it represents the road to a UI .For the Unionists it is the road that guarantees the Union ? How can it be both ?

    Paisley would be doing Ireland a favour if he had nothing to do with the Assembly ! That may be regrettably why the DUP might just about favour it . Not because they want it but probably just to avoid Plan B which would expose ‘bankrupt’ unionism on this island for all it’s not worth !

  • pith

    Restoration – how seasonal.

  • Ca Va

    Paddy Power is now offering odds 6/4 on Power Sharing taking place

  • lib2016

    “..they have spoken to Gordon’s people you know.”

    …and Gordon has been running around for the last few years that he admires the Democrats! Nobody, and I do mean nobody, running for office in Britain or Ireland wants to be too closely involved with NI unionists of any persuasion. Damaged goods already I’m afraid and there’s a great deal more damage to come.

    Last week we saw the start of the scapegoating when the RUC were blamed for the collusion. SB never made a move without permission from MI5, the FRU and lots of other shadowy groups.