McCartney is Sinn Fein’s policing litmus…

On the second anniversary of the killing of Robert McCartney, his sister Catherine has argued that the acid test for Sinn Fein’s new found support for the PSNI should be their public encouragement for witnesses to take what they know directly to the police:

His sister said Sinn Fein now had no excuse not to assist the police probe. “If it was purely a policing issue for Sinn Fein that has now been removed,” Ms McCartney said. “Sinn Fein members (in the bar) refused to speak to police. They had a nonsense of talking to third parties like priests, but that was fruitless. Police are trained to take statements, not priests. I want Gerry Adams to say he will encourage everybody to come forward and say they will help with the investigation into Robert’s murder. That will prove there was no culture of cover-up going on.”

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