Guido on Hain, bloggers and the media…

Guido Fawkes is guesting on Good Morning Ulster tomorrow morning at about 7.10am. Should be worth a listen. The reason: his publishing of Peter Hain’s strategy document for the deputy leadership of the Labour Party. Since Blair declared he was leaving, the cabinet has become something of a jungle with, some would say, some ministerial minds not entirely on the job in hand…

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  • Pete Baker

    some would say that..

    Some would say some of those ministerial minds have never been entirely on the job at hand.. ;o)

  • And of course Wendy Austin couldn’t get through an entire interview without having a dig at bloggers…

  • Mick Fealty

    Fair enough to ask the question though. Most of her listeners will still be in the dark of what a blog is, I would guess.

  • I Wonder

    At least she didn’t suggest that some bloggers should “get a girlfriend.”

    That, when suggested by a former NI female blogger, resulted in such umbrage, vitriol and mysogynistic attack from a number of Irish male bloggers (strength in numbers, eh, boys?) that she was forced to complain to and eventually withdraw from blogging entirely.

    It’ll make for an interesting MSM article shortly.

  • Rory

    Let’s face it,I Wonder,listing “blogging” under “hobbies and interests” is unlikely to increase one’s “babe magnet” quotient. The woman may well have made a point, sore though it might be.