Street politics outside the RDS…

Willie Frazer seems to get a rise out of some of the people gathered to go into the Ard Fheis. Mostly it turns into ‘an argument’ over who were the agents of the British government in Ireland… Video here… Newsletter report here…

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  • Steaky

    Think that was exactly what wee Willie wanted to get from his attendance.

  • Steaky

    Also Mick was there any underlying intent of innuendo in the Willie seems to get a rise angle to the story?

  • overhere

    well there is only one word to describe him isn’t there, muppet !

  • Steaky

    Actually I can think of lots of words to describe him.

  • mcgrath

    ‘grievance culture’ alive and well.

  • Oranges for Sale

    To be fair to him, it takes guts to stand amongst a crowd of republicans and say what he was saying. Especially if some of those same republicans have been involved in murders around the border.

  • mcgrath

    “To be fair to him, it takes guts to stand amongst a crowd of republicans and say what he was saying. Especially if some of those same republicans have been involved in murders around the border.

    Posted by Oranges for Sale on Jan 30, 2007 @ 04:28 PM”

    Bitterness is a stronger motivator

  • jaun

    so is the slaughter of your family.

  • mcgrath

    so is the slaughter of your family.

    Posted by jaun on Jan 30, 2007 @ 04:57 PM

    There are many victims in NI, some have more dignity than others.

  • Dec

    so is the slaughter of your family.

    Perhaps Willie should bear that in mind in regards to his organization’s treatment of Eugene Reavey

  • Greenflag


    Frazer deserves sympathy but then he’s one among tens of thousands who have seen their family members slaughtered over the past 35 years .

    And for what ?

    So that Paisley and Adams can shake hands/share power and sit together in a powerless Assembly ?

    Surely this could have been achieved 40 years with a modicum of common sense and compromise between the politicians at that time?

    The so called hard headed Northerners however have a reputation to live up/down to . To the rest of Ireland and Britain theso called hard headedness has nothing to do with an abundance of ‘brain’ but seems instead to have everything to do with no shortage of cement between the ears of both sets of politicians 🙁

    Willie Frazer is just another northern ‘eejit’ baying at a silent moon hoping for a response that will never come . But still a human being for all that and still deserving of sympathy for his familial plight.

    Bitter orange and rotten apple both leave a bad taste in the mouth !

  • The Glenanne Gang leave a bitter taste as well, I wonder how Willie feels about them?

  • Rubicon

    Willie Frazer did nothing illegal but stood among those that either killed or condoned the killing of members of his family. In SF’s own terms Willie is an Irishman and his family too. You don’t need to condone his views to understand the injury and loss that he must feel.

    It might be helpful to understand this man’s grief – from Wikipedia,

    “William Frazer grew up in the village of Whitecross, County Armagh, in Northern Ireland. The area is mostly catholic and young William attended the local Catholic school. His father, James, was a member of the Ulster Defence Regiment and was shot dead by the Provisional Irish Republican Army on the 30th August 1975. In the next ten years four members of Frazer’s family were killed by the IRA. Two of them were civilians.”

    So – he protested at a SF AF. This warrants whataboutrey? Some of the posters here have given justification for his protest more eloquently than Willie was likely to have done.

  • susan

    I could never sit in judgement of Willie Frazer for his grief or his bitterness.

    But, as Dec already pointed out, Frazer’s long, reckless cruelty towards Eugene Reavey, who also knows what it is to live on after members of one’s family are slaughtered, is something else again.

  • Sean

    its not that Willie doesnt deserve our sympathy its that he shows no sympathy for those killed by the RUC, UDR and on and on with the alphabet killers.

    As far as he shows he is the only victim of the troubles and the IRA the only guilty party when in reality there is lots of guilt to go around

  • BillyO


    “so is the slaughter of your family”.

    Indeed it is. I utterly condemn what happened to Frazer’s family.

    However, he is hardly the only one to have suffered.

    Is it surprising that many moderate Catholics like me have no time for Frazer when he:

    1.Stated live on Radio Ulster that the “Loyalist” terrorists released under the GFA agreement should never have been jailed in the first place.

    2. Says Billy Wright was “a friend” and a “good man”.

    3. Has associations with “Loyalist” terrorists as claimed by the PSNI and upheld by the NI High Court – the judge said that the PSNI presented clear and irrefutable evidence to support their accusations.

    4. He and his organisation inferred for years that the Reavey brothers were involved in the Republican movement and were murdered for that reason.

    Last week the PSNI confirmed that the Reavey brothers were murdered simply because they were Catholics and apologised for the behaviour of the RUC who supposedly “investigated” it.

    5. Frazer and FAIR list Robert McConnell as an innocent victim. McConnell has been named by other convicted “Loyalist” terrorists and by security forces as a member of the Glenanne gang and a sectarian murderer.

    As I said, I unreservedly condemn what happened to Frazer’s family (as I condemn all murders).

    However, Frazer is a hypocrite who condemns (rightly) the murder of Protestants but never mentions the murder of Catholics.

    More than that, he actually associates with “Loyalist” terrorists and commemorates a member of the notorious Glenanne gang.

    If you or anyone can disprove or refute any of Frazer’s actions/statements above, I would have more sympathy for him.

    However, as they are all a matter of public record, I think any impartial person cannot fail to see Frazer as anything other than a sad, bitter hypocrite.

  • susan

    “4. He and his organisation inferred for years that the Reavey brothers were involved in the Republican movement and were murdered for that reason.”

    Too right, Billy0. FAIR’s smear campaign against the Reaveys continues to this day, under “Latest News” 17.01.07 “Just Not Proven Guilty” at the FAIR website. Despite the Reaveys’ innocence being defended by everyone from HET, to Ronnie Flanagan, to Alan Black, Kingsmill survivor. When it comes to abusive harrassment of innocent victims of sectarian violence, the suffering inflicted on the Reaveys is as shameful as it gets.

  • I seem to recall a member of Willie Frazer’s family being mentioned in Toby Harnden’s “Bandit Country” in connection with a certain organisation. If you need the details, read the book…

  • oilibhear chromaill

    hilarious wasn’t it, how wee Willie was lumped in with the republican dissidents in tv reports on ITV from the RDS. As far as the British public is concerned, Willie is another of their number.

  • Cromwell

    Whilst Willie Frazer may grate from time to time fair play to him for exposing the bigotry & sectarianism at the heart of Irish republicanism.
    How many republicans really want to see an Ireland of equals?
    The way they gaunch on you’d be forgiven for thinking they were social democrats & not the national socialists they really are.
    Willie is the product of the community he grew up in, beaten, bloodied & ethnically cleansed.

  • free willy

    I wonder if a Nationalist would be able to air their grievances in the middle of 100’s of Loyalists on the Shankill Rd.

  • Cromwell

    free willy,
    Whats that got to do with Willy Frazer.
    Has a nationalist tried?
    Whatabout whataboutery, well whatabout it?

  • Jill

    Frazer wants to live in National-Socialist Northern Ireland.

  • Cromwell

    Thats quite a statement, know him & his politics personally do you?

  • Dr Strangelove

    Somehow one gets the impression that Willie Frazer’s idea of a free and equal NI would be lacking two essential ingredients for the Nationalist/Catholic community.

    1) Freedom
    2) Equality