“No post-dated action can take the place of real delivery”

DUP leader Ian Paisley has issued a statement, in response to the Ard Fheis vote today, emphasising the need for delivery by Sinn FéinAccording to the brief report

Anything less than full implementation of Sinn Fein’s commitments would render today’s meeting “valueless,” he said.

“The DUP has forced Sinn Féin to recognise support for the police and the rule of law as an issue of paramount importance for which there can be no other way. Sinn Féin must now walk this road. “No post-dated action can take the place of real delivery. The postponements must come to an end. “The time for true, visible and open support for the police and law enforcement has arrived.” Today’s shift means telling police about crime, taking seats on accountability bodies like the Policing Board and District Policing Partnerships. “Only with real delivery can the way be cleared for a full return to democracy and a facing up to the everyday needs and requirements of the people of Northern Ireland,” he said. “The site must be cleared before proper building can begin. All Ulster people, across both the religious and political divides, know that it is now or never.”

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  • Pat

    Shame on PSF for todays final abandonment of republicanism. Talk about turkeys voting for an early christmas :-).

    Time to finally stop the pretend talk about a united ireland. Gerry and his followers have sealed partition for our life time at least.

  • graduate

    “It is now or never”
    pretty telling isn’t it? I reckon the shinners will be repoprting some small stuff just so’s they can say what good boys they are.
    Wriggle room on both sides and a lot of stuff being said for home audiences just to keep this all inching towards assembly back up and running.
    I could just be a cock-eyed optomist of course

  • Sean

    every one knows its the DUP who wont move so i think its simply brilliant of Sinn Fein to put this back on little ians plate and tell him we will if you will and then watch him swallow his tongue

  • Sepp Blatter

    How can FIFA think about goal-line cameras when the DUP keep moving the golaposts?

  • Abdul-Rahim

    Why is he so inflammatory, will anything ever make him happy? Makes me think that the Paisley of the early 80’s hasn’t changed in some ways.

  • parcifal

    with all this talk of delivery, I can’t help but think of all the mid-wives in hospitals.

    Paisley needs to focus on delvering his own baby, ie commit his party to power-sharing.

    If both sides have conditions, then the fair way forward is for the DUP and SF to walk down the isle together, and make their vows.

  • nah no way

    I look forward to the plethora of excuses and new hurdles produced by the DUPers… Then it’s on to joint authority.

  • Pete Baker

    There seems to be some confusion about what the Irish and British governments had set down as conditions for continuing on the current path to an Executive.

    To quote the Secretary of State for Wales, etc, today..

    We have always said that to make the breakthrough both Sinn Fein and the DUP have both to deliver on the twin pillars of support for policing and power-sharing.

    While as the BBC’s Vincent Kearney acknowledges in his latest report

    So what now? Sinn Fein does not at this point support the police..

    This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone paying attention..

    despite the apparent eagerness of some to push an alternative storyline..

  • Rubicon

    If anyone is surprised by Paisley’s statement I wonder where they’ve been over the last months. Statements like that made by Gerry Adams in the Sunday World build confidence but the SAA is explicit on delivery; i.e., participation in the policing accountability arrangements. The hard-line nonsense we’ve been hearing from some in the DUP about examples of ‘delivery’ the DUP couldn’t themselves meet and they’ll just become an international laughing stock. Still … it can’t be ruled out).

    There’s no getting around the fact that the passing of today’s motion (while representing genuine progress) is conditional.

    If I was Machiavellian I’d think a lot of this is being choreographed:

    1. At midnight tomorrow the NI Assembly dissolves and we’ll be in election mode.
    2. The SoS will make no new policy proposals or appointments during this period – thereby affording SF time and positive media coverage to build their vote.
    3. Without SF taking up their posts (being prevented from taking up posts) the DUP can froth and foam and manage all but the worst of their backwoodsmen. Expect a lot of talk about “delivery” – but a lot less mention of “lifetimes”, “SF/IRA”, “sackcloth” and “never’s” (Allah be praised! There is a God!).

    After March 7th a sleight of hand will need to occur to solve the chicken and egg problem that SF and the DUP have presented. I have this vision of two children fighting over the same toy – unless SF have just laid the ground for Plan B?

  • Rubicon

    Parciful – I like your midwife and marriage comparisons.

    For me, it’s more akin to a constipated peace process that’s got a very bad smell and has me praying somebody shits to get them off the pot! At this point, someone’s playing nice mood music – but Jezus! There’s a foul stench coming from the open door to the jacks!

    Guess I’ll just have to hold my breath – the SoS promises to close the door before long …

  • Crataegus

    Delivery will be the Unionist buzz word before the election, but several problems firstly a fair body of opinion in the DUP probably do mean it. Secondly much will depend on how the UUP fair in the elections, if they survive relatively unscathed the DUP will have future elections in their minds, if in the unlikely event that the UUP do well the DUP wriggle room is reduced. The third problem is events. Sooner or later there will be a serious crime that Unionists use as a test of SF resolve. This will happen and it will probably involve former colleagues.

    I expect the new Assembly to be a torturous affair, meanwhile in the real world we all suffer. We have had 8 years of this crap. Imagine for one moment the difference if we had got our act together 8 years ago and were able to increase annual growth here by say an additional 1%.

  • Yokel


    Let me assure you there is no grand Plan B. I can guarantee you that its not really much additional expansion beyond the current arrangements. It’ll be London running the place and where relevant will consult Dublin.

    Secondly, SF moving to Plan B? According to some posters of a SF hue on here Berite has been trying to get to Plan B so he can use it to boot the Shinners up the arse with.

    So which is it? They like Plan B or don’t?

    For the joint authority dreamers out there, forget it. I can tell you its not on the London agenda and if it isnt on theirs it isnt on anyones.

  • parcifal

    When Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern meet on Tuesday they will be anxious to take the most optimistic view of developments.
    A Sinn Fein “Perhaps” to policing, and a DUP “Maybe” to power-sharing will be enough to convince them that they should call an election for March 7.
    Whether the parties will have sorted out their differences by then is another question, but at least it gives them time to do so.

  • common tater

    Pat: “Shame on PSF for todays final abandonment of republicanism. Talk about turkeys voting for an early christmas :-). ”

    Depends on your traditions — if you by-pass Thanksgiving and go straight on to Christmas goose and Easter ham, its not that bad a deal for the turkey… 😉