More fudge ahead?

The Belfast Telegraph’s Noel McAdams predicts the election will be called tomorrow, with no final agreement on what is to happen on 26th March, but the Secretary of State for Wales, etc, seems less certain. After meeting with the DUP leader Ian Paisley this morning, the BBC report quotes Peter Hain as saying “I am convinced that Ian Paisley is ready to be first minister on 26 March, as I am convinced Sinn Fein are going to deliver practically on the ground in what they have promised to do in policing and support for the rule of law.” Meanwhile, other reports quote him as saying, “There now needs to be delivery of practical co-operation with the police by Sinn Féin and delivery on practical power-sharing by the DUP. “Provided these two are in place, I think we can move towards an election on March 7, with power-sharing and devolution on March 26.” [added emphasis] More fudge anyone?