More fudge ahead?

The Belfast Telegraph’s Noel McAdams predicts the election will be called tomorrow, with no final agreement on what is to happen on 26th March, but the Secretary of State for Wales, etc, seems less certain. After meeting with the DUP leader Ian Paisley this morning, the BBC report quotes Peter Hain as saying “I am convinced that Ian Paisley is ready to be first minister on 26 March, as I am convinced Sinn Fein are going to deliver practically on the ground in what they have promised to do in policing and support for the rule of law.” Meanwhile, other reports quote him as saying, “There now needs to be delivery of practical co-operation with the police by Sinn Féin and delivery on practical power-sharing by the DUP. “Provided these two are in place, I think we can move towards an election on March 7, with power-sharing and devolution on March 26.” [added emphasis] More fudge anyone?

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  • parcifal

    According to ananova Paisley is also reported to have “stated his belief that Assembly Elections scheduled for March 7 would go ahead.”

  • Yokel


    Too right he would, he can go to the polls and say look we got SF to sign up on policing but we wont play ball until they back it up.

    Not a bad position to be in.

    Anyway from a previous thread can you trust the dear old Beeb’s reports anymore since they are all pro-process and will spin appropriately? It’ll be UTV News for me!

  • parcifal

    scowling at each other, and constipated thinking is a funeral dirge.
    the simple fact is this ain’t gonna fly unless they both get on the dance floor and start shaking their booties.

  • smcgiff

    An election on March 7, with power-sharing and devolution on March 26 – why such a long delay between voting and the exercising of power? Surely this is a recipe for disaster.

  • parcifal

    dunno it might be a recipe for some pizza delivery

  • Ian

    Ironically (but not unpredictably), Paisley seems to be using an implied threat of violence in order to ensure the election goes ahead:

    “I couldn`t really see the British Government not giving us an election because if they don`t, I think they would have trouble here.

    “The greatest thing about elections is when things are tense and people have an opportunity to vote and to have their say, then you don`t have the dangers of an overspill of violence as a result.”

    Is that his idea of a conciliatory speech?!?

  • Yokel


    Read the other set of oracles….Paisley really wants an election, whats that tell you?

  • Ian

    I meant to add the link to that quote:


    “Read the other set of oracles….Paisley really wants an election, whats that tell you?”

    That he wants the luxury of having an election without committing to power-sharing so that he can consolidate gains against the UUP yet still hold onto the backwoodsheadbangers vote?

    If he gets his way, presumably he still won’t have a mandate to share power with Sinn Fein, so what’s the point? Will there have to be ANOTHER election if and when the DUP finally decide to do so?

    It’s not unreasonable to be asking these questions, given that he STILL won’t talk directly to his supposed partners-in-government!

  • Yokel

    Officially all SF have done is mandate its to table to say when they see fit to support the police & courts so in practice they’ve not done much either. Such detail helped it get through the AF.

    Politics Ian, thats what it is thats how its played on both sides. Paisley wants a mandate on his interpretation of the ST AA because thats all he needs. If thats the ground he fights on he’ll get his mandate.

  • Yokel

    ‘top table’

  • parcifal

    Adams calls on republicans to report crime


    Isn’t it time Paisley showed just a little courage, instead of mean spirited responses, and did the right thing for Unionists, as Adams has done and is doing for Republicans.

  • Greenflag

    Paisley and Adams in words never sparse
    Will for years on end spin out this farce
    Each word and each sentence
    They’ll surely both parse
    While the Norn Iron voters
    Get screwed in the arse

    With Croppie lie down
    And Jaffa shut up
    The odds are now rising
    On this polithick pup
    That never has known father or mother
    An Assembly unlike in the world any other
    A sectarian pottage a mess without end
    That will surely in time
    Drive us all round the bend 🙁

  • parcifal

    excellent Greenflag.
    If you can make a poem out of it, I’m sure you’ll escape section 2 of the mental Health Act. 1988

  • Rubicon

    Cruel, parcifal, cruel! I thought he did quite well to resist not putting repartition in there somewhere ;).

    (Let’s just hope they’re no more verses).

  • parcifal

    lol rubicon,
    I meant to say that he had indeed made a good poem out of it. Now I see the ambiguity.
    looks cruel indeed, must be more careful.
    However your point about repartition is superb.
    I fear there is more to come 😉

  • Benn

    Cruel is Parcifal raising the specter of Ian Paisley’s bootie shaking. No poetry in that image! I’d make a crack about McGuinness on the dance floor but I’m afraid I’ll run into him somewhere and have to pay for it.

  • Greenflag


    ‘I fear there is more to come 😉

    Too true 🙂 The worst is yet to come and I don’t mean the ‘doggerel’:)

    As oer Rubicon Adams did cross
    Kowtowing to Paisley as Boss
    The search for peace Grail
    Can’t now surely fail
    Lest Nigel derail
    And become DUP
    Lead albatross.

    Parsifal of mien rationale
    And temperament non neanderthal
    Now sees ‘repartition’
    In each Slugger edition
    As a blow to the Irish morale

    For SF the road to perdition
    Is filled with DUP condition
    As they hop and they dance
    To the Ayatollah’s stance
    They’d do better to demand

    Though Paisley’s now old and frail
    From decades of anti Gael wail
    This wily tactician
    Will keep finding conditions
    To turn Adams & Co quite pale .