RSF to put up candidates?

On today’s Inside Politics, Mark Davenport talks with Ruairí Ó Brádaigh about Sinn Fein’s policing move and the upcoming elections. UTV also reports.

  • Gerry & the peacemakers

    I hope RSF do join the election. Then we will all see who the republican/nationalist people support.

  • Henry94

    Indeed. I hope all shades of opinion on both sides are on the ballot paper.

  • Not a mission they will enter the fray, that would involve having a strategy and actually doing something rather than braying from the sideline.

    It’s not their form

  • Aaron McDaid

    Just listened to the interview with Ó Brádaigh. It appears RSF will be fielding prisoner candidates. It’s good to remind people that their are still republican prisoners. It would be nice to see if the various republican candidates could be more civilised to each other. If Ó Brádaigh has any sense, he’ll make sure to run a well-mannered campaign and try to avoid the PSF baiting (“ye’re traitors and fools!”), if only to show up the uncivilised commentry of some PSF pundits and commenters. I want the various republican candidates to outdo each other in showing everyone how real democracy and debate can work for even the most contentious of issues.

  • aquifer

    Amazing. What age is O’Brady now?

  • George

    I believe he is quite old, around seachtú cúig bliana daois

  • Aquifer-

    His original name was Brady actually.

  • damp-squib

    Are I missing something here or was legislation not rushed through westminster to prevent prisoners running in elections following Bobby Sands elections and the bloody nose felt by the thatcher government after it? is this not why Owen Carron stood in the by-election rather than another prisoner?

  • BeardyBoy

    He is a very good man – in the early seventies he was all over the place with the RUC chasing him and never catching – a hero.

    pity about the socialism but then no-one is perfect (with the possible exception of McGeough

    I hope he gets treated properly by all nationalists – he is surely a great man who deserves great respect.

  • Diluted Orange

    Yes what a hero. Certainly up there with other serial killers like Harold Shipman and Peter Sutcliffe IMO. His whole approach towards getting a United Ireland has really worked out for him too hasn’t it.

  • Gerry & the peacemakers

    O’Bradaigh is an uncompromising figure who has stuck true to his beliefs but where have they got us? It is the easy way out – taking no risks for the good of your community.

    He was a man of his time but time has moved on. I believe that this is RSFs best and only chance to popularise their base – if they do run candidates it will be a referendum on republicanism in the North. As the occupied area they are pivotal on how the struggle moves forward. Once they speak at the ballot box then it will be clear to all where their allegiances lie.

    To all the disillusioned republicans I would say that SF are not the enemy – they differ on strategy.

  • Jesus Christ

    Gerry: Are you also saying the RUC/Brits are not the enemy and that they differ on strategy?
    Brady did take risks and suffered or lost out for those beliefs. Sure, time has moved on but it has also bypassed Sinn Fein. Fianna Fail, meanwhile go from strength to strength.
    The war is over. The good guys lost.

  • Bruce101

    Jesus Christ, I have sought to find you so often that it came as a surprise to find you blogging on Slugger. I was even more surprised to find that you were the precise opposite to your Biblical depiction. Your message shows you are a warmonger and apologist for murder.