‘I work on the principle that they tap my phone anyway-‘ O’Loan on MI5

Whilst Sinn Fein and the SDLP continue to be locked in a war of words over Policing and MI5, Jarlath Kearney has written a detailed analysis of the rationale behind the two nationalist parties’ different approaches for the Andersonstown News this week, in which he also produces the headline quote from a previously unpublished interview.

  • DMCM

    It is a good move for Sinn Fein to sign up to the new policing arrangements. Adams’s influence is amazing, I have had many strong debates with Sinn Fein activists on policing and now all of a sudden their opinons have changed. They really are like sheep. They will do anything they are told.
    Sinn Fein activists are more militarily motivated than political, they seem to just follow orders and not have a true opinion, especially when policing is concerned.
    I think that they were especially hard on the SDLP when they moved forward. I remember Sinn Fein elected members calling SDLP members “collaborators”. Does this now mean that they are “collaborators” too?
    In many ways the SDLP have already laid the groundwork on Policing to make it easier on Sinn Fein. The SDLP have single handedly introduced 86% of the Patten report into Policing. Remember that Patten is a 10 year plan and there are 5 more years left.
    Gerry Adams still needs to answer this question with a yes or no, “Will he encourage the Catholic/Nationalist/Republican community to join the PSNI?”

  • graduate

    Jaysus! What a quote. Speaks volumes about the arrogance of the bloody woman. As if MI5 didn’t have anything better to do than tap phones belonging to overpaid, overrated and soon-to-be out-of-a-job trouble makers. Welcome to O’Loan world! Still at least she didn’t go as far to say they tap her phone because her husband’s such an important figure in the SDLP.

  • hi

    [play the ball – edited moderator]

  • Quaysider

    An article that can barely disguise its intention to blacken the name of the SDLP vis-a-vis SF.
    Is it too much to hope that the Mr Kearney’s of this part of the world would learn the lesson of the collapse of Daily Ireland – namely, that nobody’s buying the party propaganda any more?

  • willis


    Did you read the interview, or just the first line?

    The level of ad hominum abuse heaped on Nuala O’Loan is dispiriting.

    Let’s be quite clear here.

    She is in the News because her office has published a damning report on collusion between a very small number of RUC Special Branch officers and Mount Vernon UVF.

    Do you think MI5 would have no interest in this?

    What did you graduate in?

    Wilful Ignorance?

  • observer

    WILLIS, just because her office issues a report doesnt make it true!

  • gary coleman

    what you talking about Willis?

  • heck


    these collusion deniers get upset when I compare them to holocaust deniers.


  • Henry94


    just because her office issues a report doesnt make it true!

    Hugh Orde believes her. Remember him? He’s the guy you believe about the Northern Bank.

  • observer

    Heck – trying producing evidence – something oloan certainly couldnt do.

    Anyone who breaks the law let them go through the due process, but dont expect unioinits to sit back an accept a nationalist report to go unchecked

  • Dolmen builder

    I think Nuala has been watching too many episodes of Spooks and of course Fantasy Island.

    BTW Heck you really are getting boring now.

  • Quaysider has it in one. I noticed when I read it originally in ATN that they bizarrely addended Kearney’s academic qualifications to the end of his ‘analysis’ as if to give the impression that he was approaching the issues from an unbiased entirely academic angle. However, a cursory glance through his ramblings revealed it to be nothing more than a thinly disguised attack on the SDLP, which similtaneously displayed an unhealthily vigorous and sustained display of backpatting of SF. Weak stuff.

  • no-excuses

    Observer, what planet are you on?
    An independent body, the ombudsman’s office, was called in by a member of the unionist community to investigate the murder by loyalist paramilitaries of his loyalist son. How can the result of this be called a nationalist report?

    It took unionists long enough to admit that there was any semblance of a war going on in the north for years. Is it going to take just as long to admit that their beloved protectors in the RUC were involved in some of the dirtiest episodes of the dirty war?

    Why don’t the government just opt for a truth and reconciliation commision, then we can all wash our dirty laundry in public and admit that all sides commited attrocities, not just the bogey-men in balaclavas.

  • BeardyBoy

    it would be very naive of anyone in public life not to believe they are being tapped – have they sold the capelhurst tower ?

    I believe that they are able to listen to up to 10000 conversations at any time listening for key words to trigger a tap, and this is just on a scanning basis.

  • Glen Taisie

    Sinn Fein’s priority regarding MI5 should be to rid their party of all MI5 agents.

  • topdeckomnibus

    It seems to me that the Police Ombudsman has produced a report which attracts criticism for its lack of evidence ?

    If such evidence exists, but has either eluded her attention or been denied to her knowledge, then she can now seek it out or it may seek her out ?

    Who would want to know if the latter process enacted ?

    I think that her comment, about assuming she is subject to a phone tap, is rational.

    The internet (including Slugger threads) can be used to trawl information. In fact, whilst my past contributions have not been well received as part of the thread discussion, later use of search engines by non-thread contributors has led to information flow to me. Including from a former member of the wartime MI9 ….

    Whilst I am small fry .. the person who elects to contact me may not be ? So it would not be arrogance on my part to assume a phone tap.

  • Dougal

    Letters in the Irish News, interviews on Talkback and other media ops…, when will SF start dealing with the key issues they hav to face up to and stop this petty SDLP bashing?

    No matter how long they go on with these ridiculous tactics, the history books will not that it was the arrogant SF who supported the indiscriminate murder of their fellow countymen!

    Shame on the Shinners!

  • heck

    no-excuses, observer thinks denial is a river in Egypt. The comment

    “Heck – trying producing evidence – something oloan certainly couldn’t do”

    As opposed to unionists who brought down the GFA on the evidence of an IRA spy ring (which turned out to be a British spy ring.)

    As opposed to DUP claims that Adams was in the IRA (actually I believe that myself but given the sudden unionist insistence on evidence I guess they don’t)

    As oppose to unionist claims that the IRA robbed the Northern bank

    As opposed to unionists claims that IRA members killed Robert McCartney

    As opposed to unionist MPs who voted for a war in Iraq with out evidence of WMD and let 650000 Iraqi’s die

    These people are like David Irving saying there isn’t enough proof that 6 mill people died in the holocaust. That there were only a few incidents with a “few bad apples”.

    I know this is whataboutery but almost every unionist blogger has either denied collusion has happened (where’s the proof/few bad apples blah blah blah) or said “what about IRA collusion”.

    It seems that the only complaints about whataboutery on this site are directed at nationalists.

    Dolmen builder I will be even more tiresome

    Collusion denier =holocaust denier

  • observer

    Why don’t the government just opt for a truth and reconciliation commision, then we can all wash our dirty laundry in public and admit that all sides commited attrocities, not just the bogey-men in balaclavas.
    Posted by no-excuses on Jan 27, 2007 @ 09:40 PM

    In the way that Adams denies being inthe IRA – some truth there.

    It is only the RUC and UDR who stands to be investigated by nationalists whos naked sectarianism produces reports with no evidence but full of wild accusations

  • vc

    Will any unionist here actually address the issue of the sudden need for evidence as opposed to the Northern Bank robbery?

    The difference in your closed minds being…?

  • bob1985

    It is only the RUC and UDR who stands to be investigated by nationalists whos naked sectarianism produces reports with no evidence but full of wild accusations


    Did you see the full report? I don’t believe the whole thing was released. Tony Blair, Peter Hain and Hugh Orde believed it. They seen the whole report.

  • no-excuses

    Two wrongs dont make a right. Just because one person denies being a member of one proscribed organisation or another does not give a government or a police force the right to deny human and civil rights abuses carried out on ALL sections of the community. Although it may not be ideal if the proposed T&R commitee would offer some form of immunity in order to get the truth out of what was a dirty period of our history, at least when the truth is established and everyone lays their hand on the table it will bring an end to accusations holding up progress. Everyone needs to acknowledge that there was a war going on, that war is now over. There is also a need for closure, this is not going to be pretty. The continued ostrich-like behaviour of unionist politicians is only creating an environment of further mistrust allowing direct-rule ministers to abuse power in the north.

  • sean

    Why are honourable Irish Republicans being forced to accept the excuses of SF? They blame anyone and everyone instead of acknowledging the wrongs THEY committed; not just the Provos but specificaly SF.

    SF condoned the murder of their fellow countrymen and that places them firmly at the arse end of Irish society.

    Shame on the Shinners!