What is a blogger?

There seems to be some confusion as to what a blogger is, even amongst some of our longest serving commenters. For clarification, I turn to the long standing Samizdata glossary, where they define it thus:

1. noun. A person who owns or writes for a weblog.

2. proprietary. Blogger.com, the most widespread blog publishing software package created by Evan Williams. www.blogger.comSee also, bloggerel, blogopotamus, Blogorrhea, AND Commenter.

  • So that’s what ‘a bunch of sinister and heavily armed globalist illuminati who seek to infect the entire world with the values of personal liberty and several property. Amongst their many crimes is a sense of humour and the intermittent use of British spelling.’ describe a ‘blogger’ as being ? Maybe they’ve got it wrong 😉

  • mickhall


    As you are aware as I emailed you on this, I was amongst those who have pondered on this matter, not least about the content of slugger, so perhaps you can clarify the matter here.

    What has happened in the main on slugger is that your group of ‘bloggers’, who come from across the norths political spectrum, normally post up articles etc which reflect their own political standpoint. This is amply demonstrated with the content posted up by fair deal, rusty nail and Chris D.

    This has changed slightly of late as Chris D has posted directly his opinions in the more traditional blogging fashion. Nothing wrong with this, I like it, as long as others are given the opportunity to blog the opposite viewpoint, which so far has not really occurred.

    It is not really enough to say that those who oppose what Chris D writes etc, have the opportunity to reply in the thread. For whilst this is true, the whole point of blogging is to get ones viewpoint out there, and people who surf blogs like slugger,[i e dropping in moving on] will in all probability give more attention to the piece at the top of a thread, rather than say post 25 page 6.

    As things stood until recently, slugger was not a blog in the traditional sense, but occupied a unique space between the press and a blog. If you are moving away from this and intend incorporating the more traditional element of blogging great, as I am sure there are writers who would be interested in contributing.

    I would be interested in your thoughts on this.

  • I agree that there is probably more attention given to the top rather than the bottom. But I’m not sure I get your point about Chris. He is as free as anyone else on the team to blog his views, and as open to criticism as any of the rest of us.

    From time to time we get stick over perceived bias. I recently had to red card someone for persisted hacking at one of our blogger’s because of his/her perceived background rather than his opinions/blogs.

    I cannot say how deeply uninterested I am in allegations of bias. It goes with the territory. What I hope is that people come to understand that to remain both credible and competitive, they have to self enforce some intellectual rigour in what they do.

    Our readers are not stupid, or at least they should not be treated as though they were. Indeed, it probably best to blog with the awareness that someone out there knows considerably more about some of what you write than you do.

    However I am keen to have as broad a range of opinion as possible. Deficits at the moment consist primarily of women and unionists – though we do have a couple of new recruits warming up in the wings.

    If you want to make a pitch, then please feel free to email me privately. Alternatively it is always possible to set up your blog (though one should not necessarily preclude the other).

  • mickhall


    It is not a question of making a pitch, as like most I do not have the time to do the job justice. As to perceived bias, well your on thin ice as the raison detre of slugger is based on the political bias of the majority of its bloggers, including yourself. Nothing wrong with this as it makes the site a thing of value.

    I asked a question, you did not feel the need to answer it, such is life.