McCord’s life saved by an informer…

Chris Thornton’s been talking to Raymond McCord Senior who points out, that whatever mispractice he has identified around his son’s killing, he also owes his life to the activity of another informer.

  • immune

    How ironic eh? McCord says this informer did not commit crimes in the league of the one’s Haddock did….rofl!! How the hell would he know? One word…..WHATEVER!!

  • Aaron McDaid

    Nothing ironic about it. The debate isn’t around whether to use informers. It’s about the seriousness and number of the crimes agents were let away with. And perhaps just as serious, the deliberate policy of management to be as ignorant as possible of their behaviour. Maybe junior officers can arrange for the blind eye for minor traffic offences, but murders should be brought to the Chief Constable’s desk. Anything else is an organisation cartwheeling out of control.

  • Aaron,

    “Anything else is an organisation cartwheeling out of control”.

    Not according to Brian Feeney. According to him, if there was a blind eye it was deliberate government policy.

  • Aaron McDaid

    Mick Fealty,
    Indeed. I meant to prepend it with “At the kindest reading possible …”. But anyway, I was drifting off topic in the first place. My main point is there isn’t anything really ironic about this story. The use of informers, or the fact some do good, is irrelevant to the scandal (but sometimes mildly interesting).

  • graduate

    Mmhm! everbody’s so clean in all of this aren’t they? All innocents abroad

  • Red Mist

    Paid informants are always criminals, how else how they get the info?

    Paid informants are the most immoral form of intelligence as the victims of their crimes do not suffer any less in the knowledge that they may have prevented another victim somewhere else.

  • gareth mccord

    he didnt say he was a good guy?
    just that he saved his life with info he passed.
    according to THE NEW INFORMERS code no serious crime allowed? time will tell and checks are in place because of haddock. i hope its true but doubt it.
    WOULD SOMEONE GET RID OF IMMUNE(TO THE TRUTH)everyone is entitled t their view but his is simply out of order

  • Immune

    [Play the ball – edited moderator]

  • Nationalist

    Why is it that the Unionists always jump to defend the police when they are being attacked with the truth and the reality of their crimes?

    Not that long ago the Unionist terrorists were shooting at the police for upholding the law that banned a sectarian parade.

    And any one that tries to defend anyone who was murdered by the RUC or their paramilitaries are always abused by those same Unionists, incase they should shine the light of truth on their lies and warped version of history.

  • Pragmatist

    Should the police gather information / intelligence? If so, how / by what method? If not, can they deliver the full service everyone expects?

    In light of this Ombudsmans report I feel that police were guilty of bad management. It has been spun to say they ‘colluded’ in murder. This is probably untrue, if we’re saying they deliberately planned to allow their agents to murder.

    Mr McCord has acknowledged the value of information police have access to.

    Anyone standing on the sidelines who wishes to critcise hasn’t really a leg to stand on. To prevent anything they consider ‘wrong’ they should join the police and work at it from the inside. Of course to do so they’ll have to bury any political or personal opinions they have when carrying out their duties.

  • lovin-it

    Anyone see Hearts & Minds latnite…..go on wee Jeff, bout time sum1 started askin 4 the TRUTH!!

  • Jesus Christ

    On a related topic, it is good to see Fulton and his granny collaborator go down for a few years. One wonders what type of creature is Muriel Gibson.

  • George

    There is a hell of a difference between the police having terrorists as informers to use in their battle against terrorism and colluding with terrorists in order that the terrorists can continue their terrorist acts or, even worse, seeming to have the same goals as the terrorists themselves.

    I would have thought that was rather obvious myself.

  • gareth mccord

    raymond was questioned about the harbinson murder!
    because he let some of the killers reggie and moore stay in his house for a few days after it!
    THE MOST SHOCKING THING ABOUT THE HARBINSON KILLING WAS THAT HARBINSON WIFE PHONED HADDOCK ASKING FOR HELP BECAUSE HARBINSON WAS BEATING HER UP! HADDOCK GOT HAGGARTY TO GET A TEAM AND DO HARBINSON IN ?! now why do the harbinson family want to blacken the mccord family when it was us who put a stop to the person who ordered and carried out the murder of mr harbinson?? WHY?

  • Gareth, couple of straight questions for you since so many people are coming on here repeaitng rumours.

    Q Was Raymond Jnr one of the gang of UVF men who murdered Harbinson?

    Q Has your family supported the Harbinson family over the collusion aspect to their relative’s murder? After all, touts were involved in the murder of Mr Harbinson.

    Q Did someone close to yourself clean the boots of a UVF man who was one of those who kicked Mr Harbinson to death?

    These are not accusations Gareth, these are questions which a lot of people would like straight answers to.
    I support your campaign to jail the people who killed your brother and the cops who covered up the murder.
    I hope you can find the time to set the record straight.

  • gareth mccord

    straight question? immune loyalist sandy knowes miss fitz anne malone schizo!!
    i cansay alot of rumours about dead loved ones but wouldnt stoop so low so YOU should hang your head!
    q1. he let them stay afterwards in his house for a few days reggie and moore! all clothes and footwear of raymonds police took and returned!!
    the police can confirm raymond did not kill harbinson!
    q2.simply no and never because they are a disgrace to the memory of mr harbinson by not doing all it takes to prove and assist in getting justice. they are not jumping on our band wagon while we risked and are risking our lifes! why have they not spoken of the wife of harbinson who phoned haddock for help saying mr harbinson was beating her? why have they not went after haddock who ordered haggarty to get a team to sort mr harbinson out WHY WHY WHY? from my view they have done nothing and have shamed his memory! but i repeat if anyone who suffered at hadock and company hands and is willing to risk and do whatever it takes to get justice then come on board otherwise plead pity somewere else!
    q3you do mean my dad are you joking! if blood was on boots after a murder and someone cleaned them the police would keep all clothes and footwear of raymonds as nobody can clean blood without dna still on the item as technics advance as willi young is going to find out soon enough!
    MY QUESTION FOR YOU IS SIMPLE WHY DO YOU NOT SPEAK OUT OR ACCUSE HAGGARTY MOORE REGGIE OR HADDOCK AND ONLY RAYMOND? is a sacapegoat close to the answer or simply uvf spinning trying to blacken raymonds name? have the decency to answer and be honest! if you or anyone has proof of raymonds involvement then i would want you to go to the police and give your proof and maybe hopefully the police cancatch all the people who killed mr harbinson and the family can get justice and peace! I PRAY THAT THEY DO TRUELLY!

  • free bird


    Those on the rumour mill are really putting in overtime trying to blacken your family’s name. That tells me that your dad’s campaign for justice is hurting them badly.
    As the old saying goes ‘don’t let the b*stards grind you dowm’.

  • Londonderry

    What sectarian parade are you talking about Nationalist?

  • POL


    Keep up the search for truth and justice, because you can be sure your local politicians will remain silent.Can you imagine this was a republican scandal Ian og and wee sammy would be hoarse by now.Did wee Jeffrey not once promise to name Raymonds killers using parliamentary privilege.And its Funny that your detractors on these threads are usually those that shout the loudest in regards to anything pro-Nationalist/Republican.

  • sammy

    To the McCord family

    Keep on fighting for the truth.

    Your fight is not with paramilitaries, but with the state.

    They were always going to drag it down to the gutter.

    Good luck