Let’s get together….

Dermot Ahern wants the FAI and IFA to get together and form one all-Ireland football organisation, mirroring the structure adopted by more than 30 other sporting bodies in the country. He pointed to the financial benefits that would flow from an all-Ireland league and suggested that it would strengthen the playing panel of the National team.
This one has been round the block before, and most of us have fairly concrete opinions on the matter.

Personally, I’m naturally all in favour of an all-Ireland team, but can’t see it happening in the short term. I think the best we can hope for is mutual respect for those in the north who lend their support to either the Republic or the North and freedom of choice for those youngsters who opt to play for the side of their preference.

I believe it is more likely that the Setanta Cup prototype will lead to a strengthening of ties between clubs based in the Eircom or Irish Leagues, and eventually the stronger clubs will formulate an all-Ireland league that suits their own needs and interests.