In a nutshell (The thoughts of one regular Slugger contributor)

Nobody’s going to give us a united Ireland. We’re going to have to take it. The military route failed. SF is trying the political route and has been since the start of the peace process. Use the publicity of the ceasefire to build an electoral base. Use that base to push the republican agenda. Get an agreement in the North. Demonstrate better handling of the Unionists and the British than the SDLP. Win more seats off the SDLP. Become the voice of northern nationalists. Use the world stage the peace process provides to make inroads in the south. Build a genuinely national movement. Force other parties to green themselves up. Drive an increasingly greening agenda North or South. Use power-sharing to drive an all-Ireland agenda. Use that all Ireland agenda to strengthen and deepen cross-border bodies. Make the border illusory. Reassure unionists as to life in a future Irish nation. ….

No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy, but it’s not as if there haven’t been strides taken.

Posted by Middle-Class Taig