Surge in Slugger’s traffic…

Sorry for any slowness recently. For some reason we have had a major surge in readership. We have been cycling about 7000 visitors a day, which has swallowed about 4 gig of bandwidth every 24 hours. It looks like we are going to move over to a dedicated server to keep the service fresh. For the first time that will mean serious regular expenditure just to keep Slugger up with the increased demand. You can help by supporting our advertisers, using our Amazon links to buy your books, MP3 players, DVD, etc.. If you want to reach our high level audience, take out a bespoke (funky and precisely targeted) banner ad with Messagespace. Or just do it the old fashioned way and drop us a tip through the donation button on the left hand side.

  • parcifal

    I wonder if there any any Grants available that Slugger could apply for.
    Education, Media, Peace studies, University?
    Just a thought.

  • seabhac siúlach

    “For some reason we have had a major surge in readership…”

    Wouldn’t be anything to do with a certain policing row, would it?

  • Henry94

    We have been cycling about 7000 visitors a day

    Do you get counted every time you come in?

  • Mick – how much do you need? If we know that, we can be realistic about how much we need to donate. I’m guessing that sort of hardware isn’t all that cheap.

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin


    I reckon it is going to be about £100 a month. But I am hoping that some of our revenue channels will begin to take up the slack on that. Google ads bring in about £50 a month for instance. Amazon brings in much less but we have seen a steady rise in the last year – about 3-4% from the sale of about £1,500 worth of product. I suspect people are slowly getting into a habit of using them.


    I’m not keen on going to the public funding route, for a number of reasons. One, it is already overdone in Northern Ireland. Two, it’s time the private sector did some heavy lifting in public affairs. And three, I’m keen for Slugger not to become a dumb instrument of public policy.

    There is a lot we can do to aid public debate, but independence is key to our capacity to do that.


    That would be right. Actual unique visitors are only calculated on a monthly basis. These are unique visits. To give you an idea, we had nearly 160,000 hits yesterday. And we have had about 28,000 unique visitors so far in January – up to midnight last night.

    I thought it noteworthy because it is a locally Slugger generated figure, and not dependent on links from big US/UK bloggers, for instance. Our record is 23,000 in one day, but we were back down to our usual levels within three days.

    Previously, we’ve been steady at about 5,000 for about seven/eight months. It could reduce again, but my suspicion is that we hav significantly grown our precisely local market.

    For all of these I am reading off my server logs. If the demand for advertising grows it may be desireable to have them officially audited by an outside specialist.

  • qubol

    Mick: “I reckon it is going to be about £100 a month”
    Seems like a good price, maybe potential hosters might be interested in advertising themselves – an advert at the bottom saying powered by snurzle host might being in something.

    I dunno what your reading your log files with but Google Analytis often offers a better alternative to many of the systems on offer from hosts.

    Mick: “There is a lot we can do to aid public debate, but independence is key to our capacity to do that. ”

    Would becoming too closely linked to a local media company ruin the independance?

  • Mick Fealty


    Thanks for the tip!

    I guess there is a danger that we might be perceived in certain ways if we established a formal business relationship with a large company.

    Though I can’t imagine working with people who don’t ‘get’ that independence is key to any successful blog. I don’t tell any of the team what they can blog, and I would not expect to have others do it.

    I say ‘independence’ rather than percieved ‘bias’. Bias has never bothered me in the least, so much as the quality and independence of the bloggers. Or indeed the quality of the journalism in certain papers.

    But all of that is ‘futuring’.

  • Jesus Christ

    Loks like the Net is getting big, in patches.