Sinn Féin lose legal action against IMC

Sinn Féin’s legal action against the IMC has failed. Announced in December 2005, the legal action made it to the High Court in London in December last year. According to the report of the judgement the delay in taking legal action, from the time of the setting up of the IMC, would have counted against Sinn Féin in any event.. ANYway..

In today`s judgment, the judges rejected all Sinn Fein accusations.

Adds Another report here More Peter Hain, finally, has a High Court ruling he agrees with.. And Meanwhile, Sinn Féin don’t agree with the ruling..From the statement by SF MLA, and MP for Newry & Armagh, Conor Murphy

“Sinn Féin are determined to maintain our absolute opposition to the malign role played by the IMC as the securocrats mouthpiece. When this group was first established we stated that we would explore all legal and political avenues to remove its destructive influence over the peace process. We remain committed to that agenda.”

Btw, there’s another IMC report due soon…