Less to make accountable

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (aka Sir Ronnie Flanaghan) is recommending that the PSNI be reduced to 6028 officers after 2011 (security situation permitting), a cut of 1500 officers. This would still leave police in Northern Ireland 1500 officers larger than an equivalent constabulary in other parts of the United Kingdom.

  • Yokel

    Under a secret deal between Tony & SF, the 28 will be all thats left to police nationalist areas….

  • Token Dissent

    A positive and sensible suggestion, that shows political confidence that in the long-term things will be, erm, ok.

    It is worth remembering that in 1968 the RUC stood at only 3000.

  • jone

    Will HMIC be reduced by one officer (R. Flangan) when the Haddock-flavoured shit hits the fan on Monday?

    Given he was both head of the Branch and then Chief Con while the Mount Vernon lads were charging around north Belfast with impunity he’ll have a few questions to answer.

  • Key element is in brackets (Security situation permitting)

    As crime rockets, as the PSNI flounder due to their lack of experience, what better idea than to reduce the force of law and order.

    Sir Ronnie is a great man – he acted as undertaker to the RUC, now he acts as the would be embalmer of law and order across the Province. Well worth the Knighthood, eh?

  • Rubicon

    So – we’re still left with 6,028 useless tossers who’ll look at a crime scene, suck air through their teeth, tut-tut and say, “there’s not much we can do Sir – but we’ll fill in a report”.

    So 1,500 form fillers are on their way. I’ll dearly miss the useless shites.

    In the last 2 years I’ve had 1,000’s of £’s of criminal damage. I know who is doing it and know he’s too thick to wear gloves. I know he’s thick – but he’s figured they won’t be arsed to take finger-prints from a crime scene. The brain dead child has outsmarted the PSNI!

    1,500 less? The only thing that worries me is that their severance will cost the tax payer. Can we have the whole lot out and start again?

    The only action I’ve seen a PSNI officer propose is to prosecute me for calling them out to deal with a crime and then criticising them for doing nothing. Not once, not twice …

    Oh my heart bleeds that 1,500 are going. It does actually – all 1,500 will get fat handshakes at my and your expense. Still – cheap at the price.

    I look forward to the day when policing here is about catching criminals. The PSNI are no more than Gordon Brown’s stealth tax collectors.

    It’s not the way it should be, it has nothing to do with what’s called ‘politics’ here but I will not be missing 1,500 useless shites! Happy to pay them off – and more. Perhaps then we can get a police service whose teeth aren’t just there to just suck air through.

    The last police officer I saw do his job was wearing an RUC uniform.

    Policing needs done AND be made accountable. In these times accountability needs to focus on what they don’t do.

  • Oranges for Sale


    So you have issues with the police then?! I happen to think that we actually have one of the worst police services in Europe. The PSNI seem to care more about their corporate image rather than solving crime. The police in this country seem to have been reduced to merely being an agency for gathering statistics on crime (oh and prosecuting people for minor traffic offenses). Still, we have to remember that all the political interference over the past number of years HAS had a detrimental effect of officer moral, not to mention that policing is probably one of the toughest jobs there is anyway. I don’t think its a case of blaming individual officers, its their political masters who should carry the can. The out dated, out of touch court system in this country should also be overhauled if we are serious about reducing crime.