Whatever happened to the Clyde Valley…

The Clyde Valley - 1970 04 NI 004a Photo from Normko. I cannot remember what year it was that the Clyde Valley (the ship that brought loyalist arms into Larne in 1914) was brought into Carrickfergus harbour pending a restoration, though I do recall seeing it moored there, looking very abandoned. Does anyone know what became of it after these photos were taken in Spring 1970?

  • shooter

    did the the royal navy ,the r.u.c,coastguard and everyone else have thers blindfolds on.or was everyone just too busy looking south.

  • BonarLaw


    “the r.u.c.”?

    In 1912?

  • ned


    Carrick council 2002

    Clyde Valley

    As requested, Members were advised that following discussion with the former Town Clerk, it had been established that a former resident of Whitehead had owned the Clyde Valley. Attempts had been made to raise the necessary finances to restore the vessel, however as no funds had become available, the vessel was sold on to a buyer in Cumbria.

    Councillor Hamilton reminded Members that he had requested information on the Clyde Valley and was exasperated that the information supplied was not what he had asked for. He clarified that he had requested information under what conditions Council was able to have the Clyde Valley removed from the harbour, as this might be of some assistance to the situation with the Azure Sea.

    Councillor Brown outlined the history stating that the Clyde Valley had been brought to Carrickfergus in the mid 1960’s and Council had given permission for it to be docked in the harbour. The Government had refused to become involved in its restoration and attempts to obtain funding had been unsuccessful. Council had become extremely concerned when the boat caused damage to the West Pier by the boat but the situation had been resolved when the owner, for financial reasons, had sold the boat.

  • Alan

    Whatever happened to the Marita Ann ?

  • Elvis Parker

    Brillant lets get the Nomadic, Clyde Valley and the Marita Ann – reopen the Lagan Canal and sail them down to the Peace Park at the Maze!
    (Whats that you say madness? Lots of money – sure Tony will pay)

  • It was sold for scrap.

  • jeep55

    For those that don’t remember dates let me tell you that it was Saturday 14th December 1968 when Ian Paisley took a troop of his followers to Larne Harbour for a dedication service. Now rumour has it that the good doctor turned up at York Road shed to ensure that the engine drawing the 10 coach excursion to Larne Harbour was turned out in pristine condition. The shed reacted by cleaning no less than three steam engines, as their first two choices failed. The train was eventually hauled by jeep 55 and very bad it was too (unusual for jeep 55).
    Dr P made sure he took a collection at Larne Harbour (after advising patrons to step well back from the quayside – just in case they fell over and drowned and thus failed to contribute to the coffers!) but I don’t think much of this went towards the Clyde Valley restoration fund. So there you have it. A steam train met the old gun running steamship.