Dougan becomes second Independent republican MLA

It was first reported on Radio Ulster’s Evening Extra, and it seems to have been confirmed. A second SF MLA has joined Davy Hyland in formally resigning from the party. Geraldine Dougan, who had previously announced she would not be seeking reselection as a SF candidate, has redesignated in the Assembly as an Independent. The interesting point to note is her previously stated position – “It has been reported that I remain a member of Sinn Féin. While this is true at present, if a special ard fheis mandates Sinn Féin to support policing and the judiciary while still under British control in any shape or form, membership of that party would be untenable for me as an Irish republican.” Updated link Adds Members list confirms Independent statusI’ve added a link to Evening Extra – since UTV seem to have pulled their short report – where you can listen to a discussion on this issue with Barry McElduff, about 8-9 minutes in.. after he suggests that MI5 [not MI5? – Ed] might have been involved in this story..