“Socially we’ll be better off, but politically?”

This piece on the Irish News TV site, is worth watching for the verbatims at the end… There is no indication of any serious problems with Sinn Fein’s backing of the PSNI. Indeed the one dischordant voice concedes the need for policing, but wonders where it all leaves the Republican project.

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  • Crataegus

    Possibly there is a big difference between Belfast and say Tyrone, or ordinary man in the street and activists. Also people tend to be careful what they say on such topics and the age group of those asked was of the saga variety.

    It seems obvious that there are some difficulties within SF. How that will pan out come the election is anyone’s guess. From the point of view of many of us at least it has introduced a bit of interest into what was going to be a really boring election.

  • mickhall

    Good site, simple and straightforward without clutter, reminded me of apple. If you scroll down on the site there is an interesting interview with Martin Mallon, whilst disagreeing with his take on this he makes his case for the SF leadership well.

  • gerry

    It is a very good site. I think everybody agrees on the need for policing, even those who are against SF joining the ruc. That is not the issue, that is winning an argument by default. Policing on the ground should be a given in any society, it should never have been removed. It is SUPPORT for the police, joining them, and being responsible for them, and support for the criminal justice system. The same system, that people turned their back on and treated them as second class citizens in their own homeland. That is the problem.

  • wiseup

    they’re called ‘vox pop’s’ not verbatim – verbatim means word for word as in written down – incidentally your spelling and writing are both atrocious;
    marty mallon used to be OC tyrone and once led the criticism of the adams’ strategy – wonder what they had on him to make him change?