About that plan B…

Dermot Ahern noted the other night on Questions and Answers that some more work had been done on Plan B. Seems the Telegraph has leaked (some of) the Plan B that quickened the step of our procrastinating political leaders… Collapsing eleven departments into six, is not a hundred miles away from the DUP’s devolution proposals of February 2004. Hat Tip David Maxwell

  • Pete Baker

    Not that I’m of a suspicious mind at all.. [quiet at the back – Ed]

    But I did notice what this story is based on

    “The leaked document was a memo to Mr Hain sent by his special adviser Phil Taylor towards the end of last year.”

    Right. A reliable source, then.. and there’d be no ulterior motive in this being leaked at this particular point in time..

    Not that such a scaling down wouldn’t be a good idea.. but let’s hear Hain, or anyone else, say, right now, that it would be a better form of governance.

  • halcyondays

    It is hardly a leak that is going to get Sinn Fein moving is it?

    After all, that’s what everyone is waiting for isn’t it?

  • Pete Baker


    Who said that it was directed at a particular party?

  • BeardyBoy

    Interesting here is my reply – what could be more reasonable?


    1. We believe in democratic, fair and accountable government.

    2. We do not relish negotiating with the representatives of terrorism but we will talk to Unionists and English as their is no othr means of securing the demise of the occupation of the country peacefully.

    3. Those who are not committed to exclusively peaceful and democratic means should not be able to exercise unaccountable executive power.

    4. Terrorist structures and weaponry must be removed before the bar to the Interim Executive can be opened.

    5. Any relationship with the English Government should be fully accountable to the Assembly.

    6. All parties will work to facilitate the acceptance of a new Irish police force.

    7. We will strive to ensure genuine equality for all in all things commensurate with their abilities and needs

  • Pete Baker

    Fine, BB

    Stand for election, and then negotiate with your party structures if, and I stress if, you’re in a position to take a ministerial post.

  • Crataegus


    Much too reasonable why not just stick to our usual standards below.

    1 Sod democracy, I believe in getting my way come what may.

    2 War is politics by other means

    3 Those who believe we should be committed to exclusively peaceful and democratic means should themselves be committed.

    4 Weaponry is a useful tool and aids negotiations.

    5 Any relationship with the English Government should be regarded as a dangerous liaison.

    6 People should obey our police force, or else.

    7 We will look after ourselves, ourselves alone.

  • BeardyBoy

    Because that is too much like Unionism for my liking

  • Aaron McDaid

    So government will be cut to six departments, one of which is ‘Sustainable Development and Energy’. For that to get a whole department to itself, it seems that the UK are planning to meet their Kyoto targets by just shutting down NI 🙂