On the blogs….

The latest ‘crisis’ is merely contempt for the electorate reckons Voice of the Nation. David Vance reckons Sinn Fein just don’t want a spook about the place… Balrog, by contrast, is uncharacteristically quiet. Then there’s Never trust a Hippy, Sarah Carey, Alan in Belfast, the Liberal Review, Po Bronson, and Redfellow on Ervine. Oh, if that is all too, too heavy The Swearing Lady has some suggested additions to Ireland’s already complex political language at The Arse End of Ireland (not for our more genteel readers).

  • parcifal

    Balrog appears to have given up blogging on the Irish Peace Process and is more concerned with the infinately more complicated plight of the Palestinians and Zionism. Puzzling

  • susan

    Since Mick’s mentioned The Swearing Lady, Flutt’s lyrics to her “Fairytale of Moyross” were sublime:


  • Liam

    lol just had a look at balrog, Mr. Gaskin seems to be the Irish Amajinijad (sp), what with his calls for zionists to be erased from the map. As an Irish republican, I guess he feels a sense of affinity towards other zealots who also wear balaclavas and carry ak-47s 😉

  • Carson’s Cat

    Nearly spat out my coffee when I misread the first line. Didnt notice the fullstop after Nation……

    I knew it had to be some mistake….

  • You forgot to mention my world renowned blog (ahem),

  • Carson’s Cat,

    I think the fullstop was a typo..now get off that fender.

  • Carson’s Cat, the full stop is absolute.

    D.V, On a fully Democratic Irish Republican Blog!!!! Has the mindset changed?

  • Balrog, by contrast, is uncharacteristically quiet.

    There has been no new developments and I don’t like to give a running commentory as the rain drop falls down the window.

    what with his calls for zionists to be erased from the map

    Please show me where I have called for “zionists to be erased from the map”?