Adams must not be distracted…

Brian Feeney reckons that even if the DUP is split (hmmm, a lot of PR noise and one local councillor resignation is what it is), Sinn Fein should not be distracted (subs needed) from ‘doing the right thing’.

Gerry Adams can’t go to Fermanagh a fortnight ago and say SF must move on policing because it’s the ‘right thing to do’, then refuse to move on policing because DUP hardliners have Paisley spancelled. Moving on policing and justice has an all-Ireland dimension which should not be forgotten in the context of the Republic’s election but mainly it would leave the DUP exposed as self-confessed bigots and split down the middle. It’s a first for one of those.


  • Damien Okado-Gough

    Feeney is absolutely right. Let the DUP go whistle. The IRA made the DUP what they are and the absence of the IRA will destroy them.

    Supporting the police and engaging fully in civil society is necessary to build confidence in Protestants that there is a viable and, indeed, better option to the Union.

  • parcifal

    Exactly, MMG’s statement yesterday was ill-judged, mis-conceived, inaccurate and totally depressing.
    Its up to SF to provide leadership, and bring about change, as many in the DUP fancy continuing with the status quo.
    SF must not allow themselves to be bullied, deceived or held to ransom by any of the 12 ‘Black’ Apostles.

  • ingram


    The second part of your comment is 100% accurate.


  • Hidden Gem

    “Sinn Fein should not be distracted from ‘doing the right thing’.”

    For once BF is right though given that SF has shown it self to be a self-serving organisation, people are dubious and suspicious to say the very least!

  • Percival

    Regardless of whether the Ard Fheis is held or not, Feeney will be saying the Shinners are doing the right thing. In fact whatever the Shinners do Feeney will think its right.

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi All,

    Sinn fein should do the right thing and laugh at Paisly and if not…then sinn fein should get new leadership….that’s the right thing to do

  • Billy


    Spot on. Apart from being the right moral thing to do for Sinn Fein, it’s the smart political move. Although it will lose them support in some areas, they will gain in others (especially the RoI).

    The attempts by DUP supporters to pretend that there are not major ructions within their party also are transparent and pathetic.

    If Sinn Fein move the DUP has 2 options –

    Still refuse to share power and thereby show the US, UK + RoI govts that they were never serious about sharing power with Catholics.

    Share power and alienate some of their high profile memebers (Dodds, Campbell, Allister, McCrea, Simpson and the significant number of backwoodsmen.

    It is obvious that the DUP don’t really want Sinn Fein to move on policing as this will put the spotlight and pressure right back on themselves.

    Hence, the hardline statements and ridiculous demands coming from McCrea, Dodds etc recently which are clearly designed to try and prevent Sinn Fein from moving forward on policing.

  • aquifer

    Paisley has left SF an open goal politically, again. Sinn Fein are unlikely to forgo this next chance to confirm unionists as intransigent bigots, whatever Brian Feeney says. Unionism, as representing any real political or cultural unity with britain, is as empty as Paisleys pews on a Sunday.


    Unionism, as representing any real political or cultural unity with britain, is as empty as Paisleys pews on a Sunday.

    You might want to rethink that analogy, if your intent was to illustrate a negative.

  • Bruce101

    “The IRA made the DUP what they are and the absence of the IRA will destroy them.” D O-G

    This couldn’t be true. The DUP did not become the largest party until after we were told the war was over and IRA activity ended. If the DUP can grow in this climate then they have nothing to fear from a non-IRA world.