SDLP deselect sitting MLA in West Tyrone

Looks like Sinn Fein is not the only one engaged deselecting, though this looks like a genuine on-the-ground fight, rather than a prearranged outcome that many suspect was the case in Newry and Armagh. The SDLP MLA for West Tyrone, Eugene McMenamin, has been de-selected at a meeting at the Mellon Country Inn last night, midway between Omagh and Strabane. Going forward is the Omagh based Dr. Josephine Dehan and Cllr Seamus Shiels from Mid -Tyrone, both received 42 votes at the selection. McMenamin received 28 votes.

:We understand that, similarly to Sinn Fein, the selection process requires any local decision to be ratified by the party executive. In other words (as with Pat O’Rawe) there’s a chance that McMenamin may be reinstated as a candidate.Eugene McMenamin’s election agent was the former SDLP vice-chair Eddie Espie, now resigned. Heavy recruiting by both camps in recent days has lead to the unusual fight within the two rival camps for control of the SDLP seat.

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