Your sound tracks to the crisis, please?

The first suggestion is Tom Waits’ “What the hell are they building in there?” comes from long term commenter Plum Duff. Is it really all going pear shaped? Is Sinn Fein running scared of an election/revolt/a summer they can’t handle whilst backing the cops? Is it a reverse pass to unsettle Paisley, or did the Doc drop the ball by missing some unnamed verbal sequencing (and what the hell was he supposed to have said?) Is the once seamless message machine of DUP going up in smoke? And is that smoke just the whirring of gears as they shift direction, or is it coming from deeper, down in the boiler room?

More importantly can Tony fix it? Or does he have a friend who can?

  • Bon Jovi “I’ll be there for you” sung to the Doc and Gerry by Tony Blair
    Dragonforce’s “Through the Fire and the Flames” as sung by any number of BBC political pundits describing the trials and tribulations of the process so far
    Anthrax’s “Madhouse” for any/all of the debates in the Committees so far
    Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” to describe the hot air billowing across Belfast Lough after any given interview
    Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice’s “Herod’s Song” from Jesus Christ Superstar in acknowledgement of Gregory Campbell’s insightful commentary during yesterday’s Talkback
    AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” as sung by any DUP member when contemplating Government with Gerry….

  • Sorry to be cliched….

    ‘Road to Nowhere’- Talking Heads
    ‘We Gotta Get Out of This Place’ – The Animals
    And the lovely ‘Running Scared’ by Roy Orbison

  • ‘I started something I couldn’t finish’ The Smiths

    ‘Panic’ The Smiths

    ‘Big mouth strikes again’ The Smiths

    ‘What difference does it make?’ The Smiths

    ‘That joke isn’t funny anymore’ The Smiths.

    Ah! There really is a Smith’s song for all occassions!

  • mickhall

    Crisis what crisis? this thread reminded me of Yasser Arafat during the Israeli invasion of Beirut in the early 1980s. Arafat could be a bum act at times, but when in a tight corner he could be magnificent and people loved him for it. He was intervied for the TV news in a West Beirut street, bombs were falling around him, Israeli IDF troops were about to cross the green line and their special forces had already done so in an attempt to hunt him down to kill him, his Lebanese allies were about to desert him, whilst the Christian Falange were shaping their knifes as they waited for the Israeli green light to cut the throats of all and any Palestinian who came their way.

    The reporter Bob Fisk or Jim Muir maybe, asked him that surly this was the end and that the PLO was unlikely to survive the current crises, Arafat looked at him in amazement, crisis what crisis he asked, as yet another building behind them exploded, he gently tapped the journos arm, don’t you worry, all will be well and he waddled off looking like Charlie Chaplin at the end of his movies victoriously.

    Pure theatre.

  • joeCanuck

    Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley:
    “What kind of fool am I?”
    To be sung as a duet by ian and gerry of course.

  • Plum Duff

    Iris DeMent’s ‘Easy’s Gettin’ Harder Every Day’

    John Prine’s ‘Let’s Invite Them Over’ followed, of course, by ‘We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds’.

    There’s also a line from his song ‘Sam Stone’ – ‘…There’s a hole in Daddy’s arm where all the money goes…’ which reminds me of Stormont, naturally.

    Neil Young’s ‘Lookin’ for a Leader’

    Steve Earle’s ‘Nowhere Road’

    Snow Patrol ‘Make This Go On Forever’ or The Zutons ‘Tired of Hangin’ Around’ (My daughter’s sarcastic suggestions!)

  • Mick Fealty

    Excellent stuff… keep it coming…

  • More Smiths’ offerrings:

    “These things take time”
    “Stretch out and wait”
    “Please Please Please let me get what i want”
    “Nowhere fast”

    And my personal fav, from Morrissey himself:
    “Everyday is like Sunday”

  • I’d do anything for love.

    (But I won’t do that).

  • BP1078

    More Smiths stuff:

    1… Is it really so strange
    2… I know it’s over

    1.There’s a light that never goes out

    The Clash
    (a special one for all you wannabe dissidents out there)
    Should I stay or should I go

    Paul Weller
    (special dedication to Gerry)
    Changing man

  • Enough Smith’s already!
    Metallica’s “The Thing that Should Not Be”…!

  • BP1078

    The Prodigy
    (The PSNI is) Their Law

    There’s no other way
    No distance left to run

  • joeCanuck

    this could be the last time – the Rolling Stones

  • Sammy Morse

    Geroid and Big Ian singing Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe”.

  • parcifal

    Supertramp: Crisis? What crisis?

  • illipsisism

    The Ramones – I Don’t want to grow up!

  • Dolly Parton
    “Coat of many colours”

  • joeCanuck

    Two Hearts Beat as One – U2 from “War”

  • BoxtyChamp

    On sequencing and delivery, who could match Whitney Houston with ‘How will I know?’

  • joeCanuck

    I can’t get no satisfaction – The Rolling Stones

  • There can never be enough Smiths…..
    ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’

    And now for some Morrissey:

    (last) November Spawned a Monster

    Hold on To Your Friends


    The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get

    The World is Full of Crashing Bores

    Dear God, Please Help Me

    etc etc etc

  • One more Moz masterpiece

    We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
    (and when they’re Northern, that makes it even worse..)

  • Animus

    Another obvious Smiths one:

    How Soon is Now?

  • “Why don’t you pretend?” Alvin Stardust

    “Get in the Ring” Guns’n’Roses

    “Patience” Guns’n’Roses

  • “Atmosphere” Russ Abbott / Joy Division (depending on your mood)

  • godsdog

    Give out but dont give up : Primal Scream

    This is the One : the Stone Roses

    Thick as Thieves : The Jam

    You Better you bet : the Who

    It Takes Two : Marvin Gaye & Tammi Tyrell

    Id rather go Blind: Etta James

    The List is endless, great thread tho!!!

  • Yokel

    Jolene by Dolly Parton

    Nothing to do with this, i just like the song.

  • miss fitz

    ‘There’s a hole in the bucket Dear Liza Dear Liza’

    Um, I chose this cos every time you fix the bucket it breaks again, and you can use straw and cut it, and wet it, and sharpen it, but it goes round and round in circles, and it always starts at the beginning again

    And poor Henry never comes close to fixing it.

  • Token Dissent

    Bob Dylan “When the Deal Goes Down”.

    Teenage Fanclub “I need Direction”.

    And to be brutal and straight to the point… Jarvis Cocker “C**** Are Still Running The World”.

  • marty (not ingram)

    The KLF – It’s Grim Up North

  • marty (not ingram)

    Radiohead – No Surprises

  • cladycowboy

    Radiohead, live from Mid-Tyrone: ‘Carmen Police’

    All Saints, singing to Paisley: ‘Never Ever’

  • Tochais Síoraí

    The Bitterest Pill (I ever had to swallow) The Jam

    My Brain is hanging upside down – The Ramones

    No-one is innocent – THe Sex Pistols

  • marty (not ingram)

    The Jam – The Planners Dream Goes Wrong

    “They were gonna build communities
    It was going to be pie in the sky”

  • Valenciano

    In the same Manchester guitar band vein

    For DUP/SF dissidents
    ‘Ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with?)’
    ‘What do I get?’

    for Davy Hyland
    ‘You say you don’t love me’

    and for the loyalists
    ‘I don’t mind’
    ‘I believe’

    and the leadership
    ‘Times up’

    Something must break
    From safety to where…?
    New Dawn fades

    and in a punk/new wave vein

    Anarchy in the UK

    Banana republic

    Time for truth
    But I’m different now
    Running on the spot

    Karma Police

  • BP1078

    Dedicated to the Spinsters:

    Fatboy Slim-Build it Up, Tear it down

    Whether you’re the Soaraway Sun or BBC 1
    Misinformation is a weapon of mass destruction

    Faithless-Mass Destruction

  • dalek

    A bit late coming to this but here goes even though most of the pertinant Smiths songs have been rolled out already:

    The Smiths – Miserable Lie

    Dead Kennedys – We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now

    The Fall – Two Steps Back

    The Fall – Futures and Pasts

    The Fall – Last Chance to Turn Around

    Joy Division – Failures

    Joy Division – No Love Lost

    Elvis Costello – Any Kings Shilling

    Nirvana – Son of a Gun

    R.E.M – Second Guessing

    The Dead 60s – You’re Not The Law

    Travis – Pipe Dreams

    The Specials – Gangsters

    The Specials – Rude Boys Outta Jail

    Billy Bragg – The Myth of Trust

    Sonic Youth – Orange Rolls, Angels Spit

    The Cure – Grinding Halt

    R.E.M – Can’t Get There From Here
    Great fun could go on……………..

  • pith

    Can’t think of one although ‘Blueberry Hill’ and Paisley and the boys keeps coming to mind – no idea why. In the middle of all the Jam/Clash/Smiths suggestions (good ones too, well Jam/Smiths at least) Miss Fitz has hit the nail on the head with her reference to the old ‘Hole in my bucket’ ditty which is surely contemperaneous with ‘How Much is that Doggy in the Window?’ which brings me back to the beginning.

  • marty (not ingram)

    David Bowie – Always Crashing In The Same Car

  • marty (not ingram)

    Bob Dylan – The Wicked Messenger

    “If you can’t bring any good news then don’t bring any”

    Right, that’s enough!

  • dalek

    and there’s more….

    New Order – Everything’s Gone Green

    The Primitives – Don’t Want Anything To Change

    R.E.M – Endgame

    The Ramones – I Can’t Give You Anything

    Billy Bragg – Island Of No Return

    And an unlikely one:

    The Kinks – Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy

  • marty (not ingram)

    And an unlikely one:
    David Bowie – Heroes

  • Dalek

    Something tells me that The Wonder Stuff were thinking about this place when they released the album “Never Loved Elvis” in 1991…….

    Tracks Include:

    Mission Drive, Play, False Start, Inertia, Maybe, Here Comes Everyone , and GROTESQUE !

  • marty (not ingram)


    Miles Hunt was something of an NI commentator in his time…

  • dalek

    I think its only right that each party leader should have their own song:

    Mark Durkan: Rasmus – In The Shadow

    Ian Paisley: The Beatles – Twist and Shout

    Gerry Adams: Dead Kennedys – Police Truck

    David Ford: Strawberry Switchblade –
    Since Yesterday

    Reg Empey: R.E.M – Half A World Away

    and one non leader:

    Davy Hyland: Various((Sinn Feiners)Trad. Ballad)
    – Do The Hokie Cokie!!!

  • marty (not ingram)

    Plus a duet by Paisley & Adams of Dylan’s (Sooner or Later) One of Us Must Know

    “…and I really did try to get close to you…”

  • Valenciano

    Why stop at one off duets? Adams and Paisley in a musical would be great.

    Abba for example.. picture the heartfelt pleas of Gerry singing ‘Take a chance on me’ with big Ian taking lead vocals on ‘Knowing me knowing you’ with both taking lead on ‘The winner takes it all’ and ‘I have a dream’. They could even get Davy Trimble on stage for a Paisley duet on ‘One of us’

    “You were, I felt, robbing me of my rightful chances
    My picture clear, everything seemed so easy
    And so I dealt you the blow
    One of us had to go
    Now its different, I want you to know
    One of us is crying
    One of us is lying”

  • Mark

    You really find this funny and/or interesting? I guess I must take my politics too seriously, I find this and the current trend of links to pop videos as comment idiotic.

    Or as Joe Dolce said….

  • dalek

    Mark…ya auld po face..Boo!

    its called a rare bit of slugger fun…F.U.N !!

    I can’t-a get-a no kicks
    always got to follow rules………….

    As Joe Dolce would say!

  • Mark


    I can’t believe you didn’t get it, especially when you repeated my punchline.

  • Rory Gallagher – Bought and Sold

    All right…
    I’m feeling bought and sold,
    You’re just a three card trickster.
    That’s something I should’ve known,
    All the good’s sure gone bitter.

    Hear me now, hear me right.

    You think you’ve got it made,
    You think you’ve got my number.
    You’d better check again,
    I don’t intend to stay here.

    Hear me now, hear me right.

    It’s time-wasting,
    Checking up on you.
    You’re high-flying,
    You’ll be crash-landing soon.

    That’s true.
    All right.

    Yo u want your world my friend,
    I think those days are numbered.
    I’ve had it up to here,
    Everything’s come asunder.

    Hear me now, hear me right.

    I’m feeling bought and sold,
    You’re just a three card trickster.
    That’s something I should’ve known,
    All the good’s sure gone bitter.

    Hear me now, hear me right

  • susan

    Armchair warriors often fail
    And we’ve been poisoned by these fairytales.

    Don Henley, “The End of the Innocence”