You say Osama, I say Obama

It’s always amazing when we are obsessing over ourselves, that the rest of the world manages to trundle on regardless. The big news in the USA was the installation of Nancy Pelosi as the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives. However, in the name of lightening things up just a tad, I thought I’d bring you the story of CNN and it’s inability to differentiate between a US Senator and an reasonably well known terrorist. Nice to see the bloggers were on the ball and notified him of the error:

A caption on an item promoting a feature on the whereabouts of the al Qaeda leader carried the caption “Where’s Obama?” over footage of Bin Laden. The confusion came during CNN’s news programme The Situation Room. “We want to apologise for that bad typo,” said presenter Wolf Blitzer on air. “We also want to apologise personally to Senator Barack Obama.” Tommy Vietor, Mr Obama’s press secretary, thanked bloggers who brought the error to light and helped make sure it was corrected. Though I’d note that the ‘s’ and ‘b’ keys aren’t all that close to each other, I assume it was just an unfortunate mistake, and don’t think there was any truly malicious intent,” Mr Vietor added