You say Osama, I say Obama

It’s always amazing when we are obsessing over ourselves, that the rest of the world manages to trundle on regardless. The big news in the USA was the installation of Nancy Pelosi as the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives. However, in the name of lightening things up just a tad, I thought I’d bring you the story of CNN and it’s inability to differentiate between a US Senator and an reasonably well known terrorist. Nice to see the bloggers were on the ball and notified him of the error:

A caption on an item promoting a feature on the whereabouts of the al Qaeda leader carried the caption “Where’s Obama?” over footage of Bin Laden. The confusion came during CNN’s news programme The Situation Room. “We want to apologise for that bad typo,” said presenter Wolf Blitzer on air. “We also want to apologise personally to Senator Barack Obama.” Tommy Vietor, Mr Obama’s press secretary, thanked bloggers who brought the error to light and helped make sure it was corrected. Though I’d note that the ‘s’ and ‘b’ keys aren’t all that close to each other, I assume it was just an unfortunate mistake, and don’t think there was any truly malicious intent,” Mr Vietor added

  • Secur O’Crat

    You should not call Osama Bin Laden a terrorist. He is a CIA trained resistance fighter who is currently resisting the drug cartels controlling Afghanistan. His comrades in Iraq are tsking on the Brits and Yanks and that is hardly a crime. His comrades in Somlaia, meanwhile, are being froced to retreat by the armed might of Ethiopia, which is one of the world’s biggest recipients of all kinds of aid.
    Obama, who has delusions of grandeur, is a self confessed drug abuser. Osama the resistance her, not Obama the drug fiend, is due an apology

  • USA

    Secur O’Crat,
    I had typed out a long response to your comments, then it hit me…you were being sarcastic. Funny, for a while there I thought you were a real idiot.

  • Secur O’Crat

    USA: Any particular reason you called yourself after a terrorist state? Any chance of getting your killers out of Iraq, Afghanistan and the more than 100 other countries they are in? It might come as a surprise to you but a lot of Irish people do not support your jihad against Islam. Harking back to the Troubles, “who are the terrorists?”.
    Clue: SS. USA.

    Have a nice day.

  • Token Dissent

    Secur O’Crat: “Speaking on behalf of every single Irish person alive…”.

    Cretinous does not even begin to cover it.

    Your enemy’s enemy is not automatically your friend.

  • Philt

    “It’s always amazing when we are obsessing over ourselves, that the rest of the world manages to trundle on regardless.”

    Sad but true.

    I remember being stunned when the last Question Time from Belfast opened with a question on Vladimir Putin. Thankfully order was restored with Jeffrey Donaldson having a fit over gay rights.

    Anyway back to the point, I cant remember the exact quote but Obama often pokes fun at his own name. His middlenames Hussein as well. Poor bloke.

  • USA

    Sec EURO’Prat,
    I see diplomacy is not your strong point.
    FYI. it does not come as a suprise to me that “a lot of Irish people do not support” the Bush administrations foreign policy. I don’t support it either.
    “Any chance of getting your killers out of Iraq” – unfortunately I don’t think that will be happening any time soon.
    I’m not going to waste any more time on you as you are not worth it.
    “Have a nice day”
    Thanks, I will.
    Now get a life.