‘Off stage noises’ revealing hand

In his Good Morning Ulster interview this morning (40 mins into show), Peter Hain referred to the “off stage noises” from the DUP side of the fence which were emphasising a negative interpretation of the current state of affairs.
As if on cue, Chief Apostle, Jim Allister MEP, followed the British Secretary of State with an interview (1hr 45mins into programme) in which he spelt out his opposition to a deal.

According to Allister, the entire St. Andrews timetable– most notably the proposal for the formation of an Executive by March 26, 2007- is being challenged by the DUP dissidents.

Allister slammed Peter Hain for the “clever attempt by government to try and blur” the issues he identified as the necessity for a credible period before the formation of an Executive, never mind the devolution of Policing and Justice. On the latter, Allister was uncompromising, stating that it would be “a considerable distance down the road.”