When does ‘leaving by mutual agreement’ become a retirement?

I dont’ know the answer to that question, but perhaps it lies in a train timetable somewhere. Controversy is beginning to bubble over the ‘departure’ of Keith Moffett from NIR, and cheers to NIRsucks for the tip.

From the Belfast Telegraph: Enquiries over whether he received a final pay-out are now being met with a wall of silence. Translink’s parent body, the Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company (NITHC), declined to comment, other than to say that all relevant matters will be declared later this year in its annual accounts. The Department for Regional Development (DRD), which owns NITHC, also refused to be drawn on the pay-out issue. It referred to Mr Moffatt’s “retirement” – a word not used in last month’s announcement of his departure. MLA John Dallat last night called for “straight answers” over whether any pay-out was made. “This is unacceptable secrecy over a publicly-owned and publicly bankrolled organisation. People in the corridors of power are going to have to learn to live by the letter and spirit of the Freedom of Information Act.”