Hain urged to show side deal with Sinn Fein

The two parties expected to do the heavy lifting in the devolution of policing and justice (the UUP and the SDLP) have asked Secretary of State to reveal whatever side deal he has done with Sinn Fein.


  • mickhall

    I am surprised no one has commented on this, it goes to show just how acclimatized people have become to these side-deals. imo they have been the curse of all peace process negotiations, as they have given the British powers the other participants do not possess, thus they also make a nonsense of any claim that the UK government is impartial. How can you have negotiations when not all parties are in the loop or even in full possession of the knowledge of what is being negotiated.

    Every time one of the parties accepted a side deal it adds to the power of the UK government, not least because they can threaten to expose those they bribe. Of cause if the SDLP and UUP had any honor they would withdraw from such one-sided negotiations if the UK refused to publish any side deals.