Dougan issues statement: “It’s the policing, stupid.”

It’s not long, but given the speculation in the comments section as to her position, it is a side note worth making.
“I have decided not to put my name forward for re-selection due to both personal reasons and concerns I have over the direction Sinn Féin is taking on the policing issue. It has been reported that I remain a member of Sinn Féin. While this is true at present, if a special ard fheis mandates Sinn Féin to support policing and the judiciary while still under British control in any shape or form, membership of that party would be untenable for me as an Irish republican.” – UTV has more.

UPDATE: SF’s New Dissidents
Middle Class Taig (#4) articulates a point also made elsewhere by Malachi O Doherty (#23) and Pat McLarnon has expressed similar sentiments on a variety of threads, i.e., a lack of sympathy for new “dissidents” because where did they think this was all going, anyway? MCT writes: “Did the people currently dissenting within SF not realise that this nettle was always going to have to be grasped? The strategy of get everything you can before holding your nose and jumping ultimately requires a leap.”