“Beware what you ask for…”

It looks like the Andersonstown News presumed this was all going to play out smoothly too…

The issue of policing will doubtless continue to dominate the political landscape. The upcoming Sinn Féin ard fheis, which is expected to green-light a move on policing by the party, will provide much political theatre, and it will be interesting to watch the unionist parties learn the full truth of the old saying, beware of what you ask for…


  • Quaysider

    Beware of slavishly taking the party line rather than doing some honest investigative reporting, more like.
    The “Beware of what you ask for” position of this paper, apart from contradicting its line until very recently, strikes me as an extremely childish and negative attitude. It is almost as if the paper believes that its readers are so dumb and angry that their only consolation for this 180-degree SF swivel is the prospect of sticking it to the prods. Perhaps they are more likely to be angry at a paper which treats them as dumb.

  • ingram


    Bring back Freddy he is inocent, Gerry told us.LOL

    How much longer can they remain in work treating their target readers like muppets? surely we are nearing the end?

    Answer = Until the British Government stop funding them.

    At least 2006 saw the end of one joke Republican Newspaper. Let us join together in a sincere hope that 2007 is the final year of the old ” Cold war” biased reporting of the News.

    Gordon Brown please ask Director-General of MI5, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller , to stop funding these front companies.I accept there was a role for this company in the past BUT it has run it`s natural cover life and is no longer viewed as credible.

    Ding Ding


  • time will tell

    Ingram might be a spook/brit/stirring bastard but that doesn’t stop him from being 100% accurate at times.

    What a rag, what a gullible readership,

    Now if only the war cry had been not a rag not a clown, sure we would have been rid of both

  • lib2016

    The public is just beginning to think about elections North and South and Sinn Fein have buried talk of splits and got Gerry the peacemaker back on the front pages.

    Bring on the political theatre…….! 😉