492 die on Ireland’s roads in 2006

In 2006, 492 people lost their lives on Ireland’s roads: 367 in the south and 125 in the north. In both jurisdictions, the figure represented a decrease on the previous year, with the total fatalities down 39 from 2005.

In fact, the casualty list was the lowest for 30 years in the north and 2nd lowest in 40 years south of the border, indicating that there is definitely an improvement in how this crucial issue is being addressed across the country.

. But that will matter little to the families and friends of the bereaved. RTE has been running an excellent website dedicated to reporting Road Safety matters (the above link on the south will take you there), including a report of an interview with the Chief Executive of the Road Safety Authority, Noel Brett, which revealed these grim- but unsurprising- figures: of the fatally injured in the 26 counties, 70% were men, 50% under 30 and 33% in their 20s