Words and actions basque and spanish style

Nine months after declaring a permanent cease-fire a massive ETA car bomb tore apart a Madrid airport car park possibly claiming two lives. The suspended talks have now been declared “broken, liquidated, finished” by the Spanish Interior Ministry..

  • jc

    so with gerry’s ceasefire in the basque country and martin’s in sri lanka both in tatters, doesn’t say much for the peace process being a world model or our two heroes becoming wolrd statesmen! time for a quick visist to fidel’s hospital bed methinks!

  • Aaron McDaid

    fair deal,
    Only the Spanish government have blamed ETA, which doesn’t mean it’s actually true. The last Spanish government lost its election by falsely blaming ETA.

    Also, the article says 3 warnings were given – something some readers may find relevant.

  • Secur O’Crat

    Maybe the Real ETA done it. The Continuity ETA certainly did not. If ETA equate to the IRA, who are Iberia’s equivalent of the DUP/LVF terrorists?
    The fact that the Provos might try to gain respectability by putting their unwanted and untrained and irrelvant noses for their own dubious reasons into the morass of Sri Lanka has nothing to do with Iberia. Globalisation, my royal proletarian arse.

  • Yokel


    Total bollocks, the last Spanish government lost it because the Spanish people took a fit that their presence in Iraq brought bombings on them.

    The Spanish government were not the only people who pointed the finger initially at ETA as a possible cuplrit, so did many Spaniards themselves.

    Secondly, this job was claimed by ETA.

  • andy

    Yokel’s right.

    The failiure of the Basque peace process is a bit of an illustration on the consequences of not actually engaging with your opponents.

    The talks were suspended anyway so I’m not sure what major difference this makes….

  • Aaron McDaid

    What do you mean ‘Total bollocks’? I never said ETA didn’t do it, simply that the Spanish government can’t be trusted on past form (either through incompetence or malice) to attribute it correctly.

    Any anyway, ETA have not claimed it. There is a story that the person who gave the warning said it was ETA behind it, but we all know that’s doesn’t mean certainty.

    Get your facts straight (including reading my comment) before talking about ‘Total bollocks’. http://www.theledger.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070103/API/701030646

  • lib2016

    Fr. Reid was interviewed (on RTE?) and claimed that this to be expected – it will be remembered that there were similar incidents in the Irish peace process.

    The Spanish government had been delaying matters and refusing to keep their committments, just as the British government have done here but to an even greater extent. The political party representing the militants has not been legalised and as has already been pointed out meaningful talks had broken down.

  • Yokel

    Aaron that article says next to nothing other than they were ‘surprised’.Their political reps arent exactly saying they didn’t do it.

    I’ll take the total bollocks line back and just go for incorrect if thart makes you feel better.

  • Gerry and Martin told ETA and the Tigers that their experience was one of red tape, bar setting, condition meeting over a decade, then after all is said and done still there is no end in sight to reach devolved power.

    The response to this has been evident!!

  • Aaron McDaid

    Hi Yokel,
    In what sense was I incorrect? Again, I didn’t say ETA definitely didn’t do it. I simply stated that it was all speculation with no hard public facts – and I think that is correct.