Slugger’s 2007 crystal ball

Time to unharness some of the slugger ‘hive’ mind. What are slugger commentors predictions for the political year ahead but remember slugger archives mean predictions will not be forgotten. (Hat tip to heck for the suggestion).

  • parcifal

    Martin McGuiness, publicly, on his knees, to weep and say sorry for all the IRA murders.

    Unionism to say:
    “we’re so sorry for provoking you, and for causing you so much pain…
    Now, what’s all this about a united ireland?
    where do we sign?”

  • heck

    how about

    gerry adams calls for the parades commission to allow the OO to march down the gervahy road as a confidence building measure

  • dodrade

    I predict an SDLP Policing and justice minister in 2008.

  • dhinger

    “ding ding” to become the catchphrase of 2007

  • dalek

    shakily posts knowing this will get archived but (and this refers to the coming and future years):

    A botched attempt at re-starting the assembly with the two poles finding that their opposite magnetisms prevent a coming together. Neither Sinn Fein or the DUP are that displeased. One thinking Joint Authority is around the corner and the other not too worried by Direct Rule.

    The super councils come into existance and further announcements are made of further transfers of functions from the NICS to the newly formed councils.

    an admission is made that no further attempt to reform the Assembly will be made under the auspices of either the GFA or the STAA and it is mothballed permanently.

    A few years down the line….Greater Southern influence in the Governance of Northern Ireland and de facto Re-partition by virtue of the inbuilt Nationalist majorities in the western/southern/central super councils.

    Oh and anyone ending a post with Ding Ding will be barred from Slugger?

  • moochin photoman

    Ding Dong belongs to Terry Thomas/ Leslie Philips and no one else!!

  • sheila

    Ah yes, but Ding Ding, belongs to our very own Ding a Ling

  • dalek
  • fair_deal


    Please get back on topic

  • dalek

    Fair Deal

    Nice to see your typical po-faced stereotypical reaction to a bit of fun!!!

    New years resolution: Lighten up in 2007!

    Sorry if this is…….off topic!

  • Crataegus

    Not so much a prediction but a wish;

    After the failure of the Assembly the Government introduce a new approach; instead of setting up structures that seek inclusion but deliver institutionalised sectarianism, they decide to devolve the responsibility for inclusion on those seeking office by setting up a voting system where those with a support base of more than 85% from any one community are disqualified.

  • smcgiff

    Gerry Adams to once again not to take up a ministerial position in an attempt (failed) to distance himself from the “trivialities” of Northern Ireland Politics.

  • Liam

    David Vance and Andrew Mc Cann to form a new unionist party – it will be disbanded before the end of the year.

  • smcgiff

    ‘it will be disbanded before the end of the year.’

    When they realise the ‘Monster Raving Looney party’ already exists.

    Only joking, David!

  • maura

    Old Ian will pass on to his ‘reward’- that’s my prediction.

  • George

    People from outside of Northern Ireland to care even less about the place than they did in 2006 and the majority of elected representatives from within NI to do nothing about truly addressing the reality of what it actually means to live on the island of Ireland with the rest of us.

  • Comrade Stalin

    they decide to devolve the responsibility for inclusion on those seeking office by setting up a voting system where those with a support base of more than 85% from any one community are disqualified.

    By having an “any one community” thing written in there, it becomes self-defeating.

  • Crataegus


    In the same way that employers cannot discriminate against employees on the basis of religion elected representatives should have to seek some balance of support and that a fraction of cross community support would be a prerequisite to election. I am not sure how exactly it would work, though doubtless someone has thought of it long ago and probably has a paper on it.

    There would be very few of the existing lot taking seats unless they could widen their appeal! Imagine it; it would be pure joy to watch them choking on their utterances and trying to formulate positions that were inclusive.

    Basically make those responsible clear up the mess they have created.

  • The people of Northern Ireland at last get a clue.

    Lynch mobs pursue the assembly across the border to El Paso. Group portraits of tarred and feathered MLA’s posing with hordes of German and American tourists flood the Internet.

    In other news, Rhonda Paisley and Babs de Brun shack up and sell plastic leprechauns at Knock. Dana and Sinead O’Connor release first album: It goes gold.

  • Frustrated Democrat

    All posters on Slugger will find something to agree on, and in a fit of pique Mick closes the whole thing down as consesnus doesn’t make for good blogging, so no awards.

    Opens new blog on the merits of Swiss and Belgian Chocolate in an attempt to find something where there will never be consensus, but finds the Swiss and Belgians are just too nice to each other.

    Then opens new site called Finn Mcool to support the idea that Finn made the Giants Causeway and Lough Neagh/Isle of Man. Site promotes massive increase in tourism in NI, Mick made Lord
    by Gordon Brown in 2008 New Years honours list and retires to set up blog in the Lords.

  • DK

    Policing motion is defeated in Ard Fheis, but it is all the DUPs fault (even Gerry votes against it), so Sinn Fein continue to do well electorally. However, the DUP blame Sinn Fein so they also do well. Alliance and Greens merge, with the new party led by a Bulgarian immigrant. Both Northern Ireland and the Republic continue to prosper and voting levels fall to new lows.

    Either that or we are all in thrall to our new alien masters.

  • abucs

    Irish classes are established in Poland and Lithuania to facilitate immigration to Brussels and Dublin to fill the demand for EU translators. :o)

  • joeCanuck

    Ian Paisley converts to Roman Catholicism but draws the line at shitting in the woods.

  • Irish classes are established in Poland …………. :o)

    Three years ago I was in Lisdoonvarna during the matchmaking festival in search of a plate of spaghetti (it’s a long story) maybe at Sheedy’s.

    The woman attending the bar had an interesting accent. She was a Polish teacher who taught English in Poland and came regularly to Ireland to work during vacations and polish her accent.

    Ya just can’t make this stuff up.

  • joeCanuck

    smilin’ Jim

    Why would someone from Poland come to Ireland to “Polish” her accent?

  • rapunsel

    Ian Paisley will die suddenly before the end of March and without the party having decided on a successor. There will be ructions and a split in the DUP between the yeahs and the nays

  • Owen Lee Joe King

    Linfield will finally get to play in Croke Park. The bad news is that they get beat by Kerry, 2-13 to 1-7.

    (I know, it’s an old one).

  • Why would someone from Poland come to Ireland to “Polish” her accent?

    Polish polish is it?

    She’d just tell ya in her darlin’ Clare lilt that you’re the typical cute hoor and ifya didn’t stop she’ll have yer guts for garters.

    The export of Irish culture is such a wondrous thing. The Countess would be charmed.

    A terrible beauty is born.

  • missfitz

    Well, I’ve always argued that if SF didnt get the policing thing right, they would suffer at the polls.

    My prediction is that there is either an offical split in the party leading to a new party, or simply the disaffected walk away.

    In any case, the middle ground won by SF will now dissipate, as people accept that if they can not be part of the solution, they will have to be treated as the problem.

    I cannot see SF holding the majority within nationalism that it currently holds, and see an implosion within the ranks of voters and members.