US State Department thinks it’s go…

Clearly the US State Department thinks that a policing deal is as good as in the bag… Does it imply an extra dimension to that Irish Times editorial from this morning:

There must be an understanding that the latest intensive negotiation has been multilateral, extending beyond Downing Street and Sinn Féin…

  • Sean

    With Gerry trying everything to be the next John Hume, was there anybody (other than the SF sycophants)who really doubted it was going to happen? Any talk about “if it happens” or “if Gerry can sell it” is just fanning the flames for his own adulation. After 9/11 it was going to be just a matter of timing; afterall in the world of PR, spin and hype, timing is everything! And guess what…, there’s another election coming up – didn’t everybody hear?

    I think it’s pretty sick and sinister of the Shinners to play poltics with something so important as policing. Either they endorse the rule of law or not. Nothing chamnged at St Andrews. They will tell us it did, but there will be nothing that that hasn’t been allowed for under Patten.

  • Crataegus

    I think it’s pretty sick and sinister of the Shinners to play poltics with something so important as policing.

    What do you expect they have killed off every ounce of good will and optimism there was in the peace process by pursuing an agenda of blatant self interest. They milked it for every ounce of publicity and dragged the progress to a virtual standstill. On this occasion they hope for a bounce in the Southern election in early summer. A few gains here or there in the Assembly election are of minor importance compared to the prospect of extra TDs. An announcement in January should still be in the voters mind come June.

    That said I will be glad to see progress on this issue and there is real disagreement in their ranks. It will be interesting to see if it manifests in some probably minor changes in voting patterns.

    The interesting time for both the DUP and SF will be when their fortunes reverse. The question is when will they peak? Will the March election be their high point? For after that the real problems will start.

    As for the US I suppose they owe us something for Iraq support.

  • Wilde Rover

    “As for the US they owe us something for Iraq support.”

    I imagine it has less to do with an indebted ally trying to do the right thing and more to do with an ideologically bankrupt administration desperately trying to spin itself into a positive foreign affairs story.

  • sheila

    Did you notice in that State Department statement that Sinn Fein is the: political arm of the Irish Republican Party.

    It also strikes me as strange their references to a ‘police force’. A lot of effort went in to changing the construct and concept of policing here from being a force to being a service.

  • America believes the Irish conflict was over years ago and all that is left is in-fighting between politicians.

    Mitchell Reiss got the nod from Gerry Adams on policing in the summer, Sinn Fein got to fund raise again in America, hopefully Malachy McAllister will be allowed to stay in the U.S. just the small matter of allowing the stolen Vermeer from Boston to surface, via a confession box, a certain tax bill withdrawn, and forward we go.

    For Irish America, Republicans have delivered big time, if devolved power is not restored by this coming March then it will be because of DUP refusal.

    In the eyes of America, the ball is firmly in the DUP court.

    St Patricks day 2007 at the White House will be the most triumphant and beneficial for Sinn Fein in their history.

    Expect to see allot of back-slapping and courting of Irish Republicans this year in America, and if the DUP don’t play ball they will become outcasts, not just in America but also in the mainstream media.

    To coin the phrase, if Sinn Fein deliver on policing, Political America will stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

    Like it or not, America still controls this planet, directly and by proxy, Bilderberg, Israel etc.

  • Rubicon

    Crataegus – you seem confident of a continued growth trajectory for both SF and the DUP. With turnout and transfers being all-so important in STV Assembly elections, it may be that SF and/or DUP have already peaked.

    I’m not saying this as a prediction since I suspect SF may make a small gain. For them, even holding their vote can be easily spun as a success. The weeks ahead will see how well the DUP stay together but it’s difficult to see it remaining united as it’s launched in to an election on foot of a SF/AF endorsing policing.

    The US angle is likely more relevant to SF’s ambitions in the southern elections due later in 2007. I can see it having little to no relevance to unionism generally or the DUP particularly.

  • Sean

    Crataegus, I agree with everything you said in your 03:57 AM post. Though progress on the issue of policing is welcome, I can only feel a little relief as it has taken SF too long to get to this point and, dare I say it, too many lives. Yeah, it’s good news but no right thinking person (or party) would look for praise and reward for doing the right thing, would they?

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    the ‘right thing’ is to try an ensure as much as possible that the police force that had such a history of sectarianism; murder and torture was transformed into a policing service. The fact that it has taken this long and may take even longer is an indication of the level of work that needed to be done.

  • “As for the US I suppose they owe us something for Iraq support.”

    Let’s start off with the obvious……
    A verbal contract ain’t worth the paper it’s written on……..
    And what have you done for me lately?……….

    Welcome to my world.

    I would also pose the situation differently. Blair’s shack up with Bush may be the honeytrap to keep Uncle Sugar OUT of NI.

    “Irish Republican Party”
    Chaired by Darby O’Gill, no doubt.
    Thank you Condi baby

    Welcome to my world.

    “Mitchell Reiss got the nod from Gerry Adams on policing in the summer, Sinn Fein got to fund raise again in America”
    Bush even went begging to the NAACP before the election. Things haven’t changed much in the way the Anglos have regarded irish and afro americans since the 1870’s.

    “For Irish America, Republicans have delivered big time”
    For which Peter King will be lucky to get office space in a broom closet in the House basement. Just the same, they probably made the difference between a rout and Cannae in the mid Atlantic states.

    “In the eyes of America, the ball is firmly in the DUP court.”
    The average American wouldn’t know Ian Paisley if he took a bite out of their ass the size of a garbage skip.

    Welcome to my world.

  • Sean

    Pat Mc Larnon,

    Though you address your comments to me, it would appear you are trying to convince yourself. Patten was agreed and there was nothing added at St Andrew’s that justified SF dragging it’s feet on this issue.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Let’s try to play the ball on this thread – edited moderator]

  • Comrade Stalin


    For once we agree. SF are currently engaged in the smoke and mirrors business of trying to bring people like Pat into the fold over policing. It’s going to be interesting.

    Just as there are people who don’t think SF should be allowed in government ever, there are people who don’t think any policing force/service/whatever can ever be tolerated in the context of the six-county state. I’d have said that Pat was one of those, but perhaps he’ll correct me.