Now it’s the DUP’s turn?

A media report that dissident republcans have turned their murderous intent towards the DUP to derail the process.

  • sheila

    Hmm. That was interesting. Normally, the police receive intelligence about perceived threats to individuals, and inform them about this. In the process, the police will assess security measures.

    I see in this case, the DUP informed the police about the threat, and now expect the police to follow this DUP intelligence.

    One is entitled to ask how the DUP has better intelligence on the IRA than anyone else?

  • Where’s Noel Thompson?

    Meanwhile, a founder member of the modern republican movement last night challenged Gerry Adams to a public TV debate on policing. Laurence O’Neill, who was jailed for eight years in 1972 after he was caught with guns and explosives, told how there was growing anger among republicans over support for the PSNI.

    The 62-year-old, from Glenravel, Co Antrim, who left Sinn Fein earlier this month over the policing issue, accused his former colleagues of ” sacrificing” republican principles.

    Said Mr O’Neill: “In typical Sinn Fein doublespeak, Gerry wants maximum consultation with the general public and on that score I would challenge him to a public TV debate.”

    Hearts & Minds, are you listening? Book the show!!!

  • Secur O’Crat

    What murderous intent is this? The Provos have murdered and given savage hidings to “dissident” republicans which have not been reciprocated. They are not in any position to take on the DUP and its armed militias. Plrease stop peddling DUP/LVF/PIRA spin as gospel or gossip.

  • no sympathy

    If the false threat ploy did not work for the Shinners, why do the DUP think it’s going to work for them?

  • The DUP, and Unionism in general has no where to go.

    If they agree to share power the split will be monumental, if they refuse to share power Unionism will be persecuted by the Brit, Irish, and American govt’s.

    For hardcore Unionism, 2007 will see dark storm clouds appear and their worst nightmare will come true, either by sharing power with their nemisis, Republicans, or by the isolation at refusing to share power.

    The pendulum of pain, when it swings towards Unionism will be felt like a dagger through the heart.

  • Art not painting

    ‘For hardcore Unionism, 2007 will see dark storm clouds appear and their worst nightmare will come true, either by sharing power with their nemisis, Republicans, or by the isolation at refusing to share power. ‘

    Alternatively they share power and vanquish Republicanism having secured an internal solution and Republican support for the police.

    In the end after the ‘outbred the Prods’ plan was shown to be failing and the military were grinded down the IRA Republicanism has had to sue for peace – and a poor deal by any measure for them.

    Hence they have puffed up the things like watch towers, troop numbers and bases, anti terrorist policing – all of which came about in reaction to their pathetic failed murder campaign.

    New Year is time for Republicanism to reflect, realise they have lost and complete the transition into democratic nationalism (which will allow them to ponticate but never achieve their goals either)

  • jc

    art hostage
    if there is no power-sharing agreement neither the british, irish and especially the americans will care a fig because the most important thing for them is that the ira’s terrorist threat has ended and can’t be resurrected – the assertion that all these governments will be sitting in their offices fuming at unionism for not giving sf a seat in government is absurd and pathet. wee norn iron is but a scab on the pimple of humanity’s backside!

    [Play the ball jc – moderator]

  • wee norn iron is but a scab on the pimple of humanity’s backside and its about time that idiots like you realised this!

    A £1.5 billion a year, as you put it, scab.

    Don’t underestimate the lobbying power of Irish America.

    Plan B would be interpreted by Unionists as vindictive.

  • Truth and Justice

    well said jc give it to him

  • lonely pint

    play the ball jc

  • Truth and Justice

    Why are you offering to buy me a drink?

  • Mark

    Will this receive the same level of the Victor Meldrews as this did?

    I believe it is probably a valid threat, like the previous ones, and hope it amounts to nothing.

  • Truth and Justice

    No threats just agree with jc with a bit of encouragement added on.

  • lonely pint

    ‘Why are you offering to buy me a drink? ‘

    oh dear Truth and Justice aka jc-

    always check which non de plume you’re using before demonstrating your admirable brain power and scintillating wit.

    what a sad bit of trolling….

  • Truth and Justice

    Not as sad as you drinking on your own on new years eve.

  • dalek

    Lonely Pint

    Maybe mick could start a competition along the lines of the GA GK caption competition…

    Troll of the year?

    I can only think of one serious contender but maybe others think differently?

    Happy new year to all..BTW

  • Mark


    You seem to have misunderstood. I wasn’t acusing you of threatening anyone above. I was refering to the topic and linking to a previous one.

    Happy New Year to all.

  • lonely pint

    Yeah T & J, I’m sitting here on my own listening to So Lonely by The Police,

    I’m so envious of you with your alter ego JC with you for company.

    Happy new year to the both of you, mate.

    Intrigued as to your nomination for troll of the year, Dalek-would it be someone purporting to be from the medical profession?

  • Happy new year to all, and may your God go with you.

  • Mark


    I don’t think that such a topic would fit the ‘man not ball’ rule but given the accepted definition of trolling – intentionally tries to cause disruption, often in the form of posting messages that are inflammatory, insulting, or off-topic, with the intent of provoking a reaction from others – I would have only one nomination, especially in light of the end of year shenanigans on Slugger’s. Maybe you’d disagree but my nomination would be ding-ding *****.

  • lonely pint

    can’t argue with that Mark

  • dalek


    I do believe that the poster to who you are referring fits the bill and hope his London Bus doesnt drive off the end of a pier or get stalled in a cul-de-dac on the M25!

    Ding Ding

  • dalek

    cul-de-sac not cul-de-dac!!

    And to lonely pint:

    The person to whom im referring is in need of the medical profession rather than being of the medical profession!!!!

  • ding ding

    you have to admit, ding ding is catchy

  • ingram

    Have a nice year Lads, thanks for the nominations.Like Max Clifford would say, there is no such thing has bad publicity.

    The book is into its 4th re-print and is being sold in the States in bundles.The Kane Radio shows help that and of course my award winning blog(porky pie). Thanks for you help in marketing the product.

    Have a really great Year and remember this! unlike some Shinners on this board I have never been banned from anywhere ( Except Danny Morrisons old board when WE discussed touts in the Adams family)The highest ever on line figures on his board for that event.

    Never mind the board closed down a few weeks later.I wonder why.

    Ding Ding.


    PS New Years relolution starts in 1 hour forty minutes.

  • ingram

    Oh and just one other thing.

    Take a look at the NEW photos of Sinn Fein offices today on Sevastopol street. Others can be seen on my Blog.


    PS. Sinn Fein quickly cleaned them off but not before I could get a snap though.

  • headmelter

    “What you will find when our executive does meet, however, is major emphasis being placed on the continuing existence of the IRA’s army council and its connection and personal links with the Sinn Fein leadership.”

    Is this the new hurdle for the new year?

    happy new year everyone!

  • NePlusUltra

    It is given to none of us to forecast the future, and just as it is impossible for us to say in what way, or by what means the national question may be settled, in what way full justice may be done to Ireland, so it is impossible for us to say to what extent that justice shall be done. …..

    But no man has the right to fix the boundary to the march of a nation. No man has a right to say to his country ‘Thus far shalt thou go and no farther’ and we have never attempted to fix the ne plus ultra to the progress of Ireland’s nationhood, and we never shall.

    But….while we leave these things to time, circumstance and the future, we must each of us resolve in our own hearts that we shall at all times do everything which within us lies to obtain for Ireland the fullest measure of her rights. In this way we shall avoid difficulties and contentions amongst each other. In this way we shall not give up anything which the future may put in favour of our country, and while we struggle today for that which may seem possible for us with our combination, we must struggle for it, with the proud consciousness that we shall not do anything to hinder or prevent better men who may come before us, from gaining better things than those for which we now contend.