An OBE to ease the pain

Bertha McDougall was awarded an OBE for services to the community. Need I say more, other than congratulations of course?

  • Mark

    Is this for something prior to her illegal appointment to the Victims role? If the award is for failing to even produce her illegitimate report on time on the remit of the Commission these OBEs seem very easily awarded. Just like her job.

    I take it Hain will have given her this too. Does she get to win the loteery without buying a ticket next. What a joke.

  • It is just par for the course, given the goons who are running HMG now.

    If you think Bertha getting an OBE is bad, what about MI6 director John Scarlett, the author of the corrupt Downing Street dossier while he was chairman of the JIC back in October 2002, getting a knighthood???

    The British government just does what it wants, and to hell with those who disagree.

  • Rory

    Why the fuss, Trowbridge? The British state rewards its servants for their loyalty. Surely you don’t expect the servants of the state to be loyal to you and me. Next thing you’ll be asking that the state act in the interests of all of its people.

    Anyway the government just can’t go around nilly-willy dishing out gongs only to people who deserve them, those who have served the community. The bottom would fall out of the gong market entirely.

  • rapunsel

    In case anyone for a moment thought that these sort of honours were issued on merit and had value , confirmation that is not the case.

    In the case of Mrs McDougall what is quite dishonourable really is that

    1. She herself did not resign form her post given the circumstances in which she was appointed.

    2. That she has seen fit to accept an honour and in doing so helped to further discredit further an antiquated and outdated system

    Not surprising that Mr Scarlet got a gong , after all he served the government well .

    Mrs McDougall on the other hand?

  • gerry

    Why is there a picture of adams with a Halo on a thread about Bertha McDowell?

  • miss fitz

    There isnt.

    Unless the halo has special powers and you were transported here………

  • gerry

    Sorry! The effects of the nite before. (roll eyes)lol

  • dalek

    Maybe gerry was on the waccy baccy…

    next thing he’ll be telling us that sinn fein have signed up to policing and are about to share power with the DUP!

  • Rhodey

    i thought that was a halo as well, i got a good laugh