Two Army Council members quit over PSNI?

The Sunday Independent is claiming two members of the IRA Army Council have resigned over the policing issue (membership reqd). They allege that they are from Tyrone and West Belfast and were the replacements of McGuinness and Adams on the Council.

  • jc

    old, old story! happened months ago and wasn’t about PSNI! once again cusack caught out recycling other people’s news!

  • M Walsh

    Save your hard earned money never buy that rag whatever Cusack writes about the six counties, the opposite is the truth.

  • Concerned Patient

    Key members quit Sinn Fein over controls
    Sunday Times
    Sunday September 24,
    Liam Clarke

    SINN FEIN and the IRA have suffered a series of resignations in the past month, amid growing complaints over a lack of internal democracy in the organisations.

    The latest to step down are Oliver Hughes and Patsy Groogan, two Sinn Fein coun-

    cillors in Magherafelt, who resigned last Friday. Both denied they had policy differences with the party leadership, but their loss will be a blow to

    the republican organisation in south Derry.

    Hughes, a brother of the

    hunger striker Francis Hughes, said: “My colleague Patsy Groogan and I have resigned. It is purely a domestic issue within the republican movement in south Derry. I won’t be elaborating on it.” Groogan said they had not been expelled, but would not comment further. Both will remain on Magherafelt council as independents.

    Republican sources say the councillors were annoyed by the party’s lack of internal democracy. “The leadership have been parachuting in men from Antrim to run the place,” said one local republican. “Anyone who doesn’t like it is pushed aside.”

    The same issues appear to be behind the resignation last month of Bernard Fox from the IRA’s seven-strong army council and the resignation of a former jail breaker in Belfast from the republican movement.

    Fox joined the council in May 2005 as part of a reshuffle in which leading figures such as Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness and Martin Ferris left.

    Fox has been ill and some

    IRA members have been told this is why he stood down. But others claim his decision was taken because McGuinness and Adams effectively controlled the council from the outside.

    There has also been ill feeling over the decommissioning of IRA weapons, completed in September 2005, and the recent moves to recognise the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

    In an interview last week, Gerry Kelly, Sinn Fein’s justice spokesman, said he could foresee the party meeting within weeks to review the policing issue. He said: “If things went well, you are talking about having achieved a new beginning to policing”.

    Before becoming a member of the army council, Fox was the IRA’s director of engineering with responsibility for developing weapons. This work has now been abandoned by the IRA.

    Sources said he is unlikely to join any other organisation or support a return to violence. The other senior figure to resign is a well-known jail-breaker who is believed to have become disillusioned with the IRA. Sources say he is not prepared to join any new organisation.

    The latest resignations show the discontent among IRA veterans, but they constitute a gradual drift away from the organisation rather than a split.

    Earlier this year, up to 40 IRA members and active supporters in south Derry, almost all of the local brigade, stood down in protest at what they saw as the reformist drift of the leadership.

    Last night a member of the IRA who left the organisation this year said he did not believe any of the dissident groups were capable of mounting a challenge to the leadership.

    “It’s easy to give a knee-jerk reaction, but you can’t have a military solution to a political problem,” he said. “I have one life to live and I’ve already lost a lot. I can’t throw the rest away on something that isn’t thought out.

    “At this point I can’t see any more walking (out of the IRA). The leadership has pretty good control now and I don’t see anyone putting down an alternative strategy.”

  • George

    Sunday Independent + Cusack + Claim = impossible to take seriously anymore.

    McDowell completely rubbished what he wrote last week about Republican gunmen for hire in the current Dublin gangland war.

    Whatever sources he is using, he needs some new ones.

  • Plum Duff

    ‘Senior republican sources, however, said….’
    ‘One local source said…’
    ‘Meanwhile, local sources say…’

    ‘The Tyrone-based senior IRA man runs a tax-exemption certificate racket responsible for raising huge amounts of money for the IRA going back to the Eighties.’

    So the ARA have been sitting on their hands while the IRA have been sitting on loadsamoney??

    ‘It was claimed he left because he did not see recognition of the PSNI as helping his racketeering. “He is into making money these days, and that doesn’t sit too well with support for the PSNI. “‘

    Even assuming it’s half true, he’s going to be much, much stronger going it alone??


  • gerry

    Recycled rubbish.

  • Secur O’Crat

    There are some kick ass crime reporters in the South. Cusack is not one. Instead he hides behind police sources. The cops will, of coruse, feed him snippets on occasion for their own reasons. Why the Sindo gave this sad hack a job defies reason. But then David Quinn, the Indo’s religious affairs man, and Kevin Myers also have jobs.

  • iluvni

    there’s some whinging on this thread, isnt there?

  • George

    it’s just Cusack comes out week after week with gems like this. I particularly liked his “the Provisional IRA hired a Continuity IRA gunman from County Cavan to murder Denis Donaldson” scoop.

    His sources?
    “close to”
    “Sunday Independent has learned”

    Then there is his inside track to the Dublin crime world.

    There are journalists who have to live with 24-hour Garda protection because they are putting their lives on the line to take gangland criminals and the like on and I for one get a bit miffed when other journalists parade half-baked tales they seem to have heard at a dinner party as a viable news story.

    Trotting out a three-month old story as news isn’t as bad as that though, I have to admit.

    At least in this particular case, the original news was probably at least researched and came from a reliable source.

  • Truth and Justice

    Its a pity they all dont quit so there can be peace in this country!

  • Rory

    “Its a pity they all dont quit so there can be peace in this country!”

    That’s a bit of radical thinking, Truth and Justice, but all the more refreshing for it and deserves serious consideration. The prospect of all shit journalists packing it in and giving our head a bit of peace is indeed one that brightens hope for the coming new year.

    Pity it’s only an impossible dream. These fellows, like the poor, are destined always to be with us.