More likely, you’re an addict.

Something to think about if you’re reading this on Christmas Day. [and why exactly are you online? – Ed]

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  • dalek

    okay guilty as charged! I mainline online but at least i cooked a fab Christmas dinner…….and got up with the kids at 5.00 am (although I did check my emails at 5.05 lol!)

  • gerry

    Not often I get some free time. A little here a little there, but when I get it, I usually check out my e mails and whats on slugger or download a little music. Wouldn’t call myself an addict though.

  • Pete Baker

    Admitting there’s a problem is the first step. ;o)

  • gerry

    So you think I’m in denial Pete. ok I’m an addict!!!!!

  • eranu

    im online because the TV is crap (again) this year. where is the great escape, or atleast an indiana jones?????

  • Pete Baker

    Hello, gerry!


  • “For those who don’t care eat, drink and be merry”. Cheers Pete, another turkey sandwich? We need no speech’s from the unelected figurehead from the British Empires geretric, Lizzie Windsor.

  • sigh…a sign of how addicted I am is that I was suffering withdrawl symptoms all day (headaches, shivers, distorted vision etc)until I finally tightened the elastic bands, released the laptop from it’s temporary home and…ahhh, all is well in the world again…

  • Harry Flashman

    Er, Parnell, I think you addressed your Scrooge-like rant at the wrong target, you appear to be getting confused with Fair Deal’s post above, a little too much sherry old boy?

  • dalek

    just noticed the harrys post was at 3.00? Is that not an admission of addiction in itself?

  • Apologies to, Fair Deal, for wrongly accrediting Pete. However the expressed sentiments remain. Thank you Harry but Sherry? Seasons greetings and the best of goodwill to all at Slugger.

  • Malcolm hopes that one more tombstone will not go unmarked.

    By one of those coincidences that only happen with efficient news-management, Christmas Day marked the moment when the 2,974th US death in Iraq exceeded the toll on 9/11. AP have the story, but it is easily accessed at

  • Dualta

    I browse to forget…………..

  • Crataegus


    I wonder how many Iraqis have died? They tend to be forgotten. Sad do altogether.

  • Harry Flashman

    Ah but Dalek it’s a bright and beautiful morning where I am, the sun coming through the palm trees is dappling the bright blue water beside me and I can only sit here and dream about being tucked up under a duvet in a dark, cold, wee Norn Iron night.

    That said I’m guilty as chraged on the addiction front, well obviously I’ve described the circumstances of where I live and I STILL log on to Slugger, jesus do I need therapy!

  • Dalek

    Harry Flashman

    Its hard to keep up with everybody’s timezones so I was assuming you were in GMT Zone. Anyway its bucketing rain and thoroughly miserable now so at least I have an excuse to be on here. And theres a bit of a dearth of palm trees and bright blue water here… more leylandii and the grey Irish sea…