Nuzhound down…

You can find it in the alternative spot, here.

  • only me

    There is a problem with taht mick, it won’t load.

  • I’m sorry about today’s disaster. I’m not getting good answers from my hosting company.

    Anyway, is the “easy to remember” URL when things go wrong.

  • Blogspot is pretty reliable, but it can be slow. Click it again it worked for me.

    Good luck John. Keep us briefed!!

  • eranu

    does anyone else find the new belfast telegraph site a load of crap? maybe its just me but the old site had loads of articles to sift through. the new one seems to have about 3 articles that are hidden behind pointless menus. no matter what option i go to (news, local, etc) there only seems to be the same 3 stories to read.
    quite a disappointment.

  • Aislingeach

    Thanks for this–when I couldn’t access Nuzhound, my first thought was “Does Slugger have anything on it?”

  • Mick, thanks again for this link yesterday.