You got the power

The Today Programme is asking people to nominate legislation they wish to see repealed. The final six will be put to a public vote. I’m with author A L Kennedy, repeal the ID Cards Act (Realplayer reqd).

  • Dec

    Act of Union?

  • Mick Fealty

    Can’t just see that getting critical mass with R4 listeners Dec, but there’s no harm in trying… ;-0

  • Dec


    There is a precedent… ;]

  • fair_deal


    “Act of Union?”

    Which one? 😉

  • Dec


    I’m not picky

  • overhere

    between Charles and Camila LOL we can only thank God they are sort of past breeding age !

  • Tough choice. For me it’s between the Sexual Equality (sic) Regulations and the Education (Destruction of Grammar Schools) Order 2006.

  • jaffa

    Repeal it all.

    Replace it with several annually updated volumes. As a start I’d suggest;

    The Constition
    The Criminal Code
    The Civil Code
    The Commercial Code
    The Tax Code

    All including applicable procedures.

    Regional Legislatures can add their own addenda.

    Republish the whole set every year incorporating all new laws. Laws would be debated as amendments to the code, not additions and the set would be distributed to all households that requested it – yellow pages style.

    All legal argument would need to begin first with the code, then with any explanatory notes issued by parliament (voted on contemporaneously with the code change) and lastly with the outcome of previous case law.

    We elect representatives to make our laws, not judges.

    We can rate the nanniness of our politicians by measuring the height of the code each year like a growing child.

  • Intelligence Insider

    Northern Ireland (Sentences) Act 1998 – repeal it and send all the terrorist criminals, loyalist and republican, back inside where they belong.

  • Pete

    Hmmm, how about Clause 21 of the Drugs Act 2005 in regards to wowwww ‘magic’ mushrooms.

    It seems bizarre that possessing an indigenous fungi can be illegal, preparation in dry form maybe as it shows disregard to nature; however, when it grows naturally in some parts of N Ireland, it is pretty much anyone’s liberty to do what they want with it and is near impossible to police.

    A waste of legislators time perhaps or may be not enough time was spent debating it. Just be sure to state that you happened to “unknowingly” pick it up from your back garden, which you thought would be an ideal compliment with tonight’s steak, instead of the usual crop.

    However, we should have known from that point on that Mr Paul Goggins was no fungi!